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Persian Cook Book Recommendation?
1 (a madar)


Like any Iranian woman, I don't use any cook books for my Persian cooking.

Now, I am thinking about buying Persian cook books as gifts for my children's teachers in elementary school and preschool. I need to get it for their last year teachers as well, since I haven't got the teachers any thing for xmas or any other occasion.

Does anybody have a recommendation for a good Persian cook book that has practical instructions and matches the American taste? It will be a Norooz gift to the teachers.

If you have other related gift ideas, please share. I am going to buy the gift for last year teachers, this year teachers, and next year teachers...


2 (a mother)

"Food of Life" and "New Food of Life" by Najmieh Batmanglij are both wonderful cookbooks. They include beautiful color pictures, Persian art and poetry, as well as a description of Persian ceremonies (weddings, Nouruz, etc) and the customs surrounding Persian ceremonies. The "New Food of Life" includes everything in "Food of Life" plus more. The "New Food of Life" is available at Amazon.com for $45. Most Middle Eastern grocery stores carry it as well.

I highly recommend this book. The recipes are quite authentic and instructions are very clear. I use it for everything from Ghemieh to Soupe Jow to Nan-e nokhodchi.

I like to take "Sombol" to the classrooms to bring in some springtime and sweet smells.

3 (a madar)

I got food of life cook book for my sister-in-law and my nephews they all liked it. but the price is little bit expensive for gift for more than one person at the same time. when I bought was around $50. but I think is a nice gift because is covering every thing our food,caulture and custom as well with nice pictures. Rosa Montazemi has the paperback book also and at the time was some thing around $30 too.

good like,

4 (a madar)

I use Rosa Montazemi'ss cook book.I think it is one of the best cook book written. I don't know if it is translated in English or not. I think that's a great idea to give the Iranian cookbook out. This year I will give my children's teacher someof Iranian art craft like frame or something similar. Good luck.

5 (a mother)

Another teacher gift idea is a persian frame - they are not too expensive if you have a persian store near you - under $20 - very nice hand craft.

6 (a mother)

Dear Madar # 1 and Everybody Else:

My favorite Persian cookbook is "The New Food of Life" from Mage Publishers. If you follow the recipes to the tee, you'll get great Persian food. The problem is, it's an expensive book. Perhaps they have it in softback now. I don't know.

7 (a madar)

A while a go someone was asking about a persian cook book and where to find it. I know that persian stores carry couple of them but I just recently found one under the persopolis.com site which looked interesting too

8 (a web visitor)

A Table of Exotic Delights by Nesta Rahmazani is a wonderful cookbook Thank You,

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