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Madar-Pedar Local Chapters
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Salaam Dostan:

I think it would be a good idea to have local gathering in different cities among parents and their kids. these gathering will establish a few good thing, among them are:

*Organize a local chapters for PEDAR-MADAR
*Have Pedars and Madars share their experiences with their kids with others.
*Have Kids share their experiences among themselves as well as with Pedars and Madars. Specially their experience as an Iranian Kid in USA.
*Make all kids practice their cultural things and speak Farsi together.
*Get to know each other and make friends.
*share our experiences with other chapters.

In short seining each other face to face has more LEZAT. I am using my husband e-mail since my e-mail is temporary out of service.

Sholeh Noori Chegini
* My e-mail is snoori@owengroup.com
* My husband e-mail is mcheginiowen@

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