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Is there any persian book club on line. Last summer I went back to Iran and found a great book written by Mr. Mahmood Dolat Abady. The name of the book is Claydar and I would like to find out how other people felt about the book and how much of it is based on truth. If you can help me with this I appreciate it.


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I read claydar 10 years ago when I was in college . I absolutely loved it . I felt it is base on true story . It sounded so real . Is there any other books similar to this ?

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What is this book about and where can I get this?

4 ( madar#1)

This book seems to be a historical novel. It is about people in the north eastern part of Iran. It takes place in the city of Sabzevar. The hero is a nomadic tribesman who is forced into the city to beg for a living after losing his livestock to drought. The emphasis of the book is on Iranian tribal culture. I purchased a copy of this book while in Iran. If anyone is aware of similar books, please contact me.

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Dear friends,

You can also find books and regional business directories via www.payvand.com > go to: "Interesting websites" > go to: the section on: "Books".

Over there you will see a listing of Online bookstores along with a list of books they have to offer in their respected webpages.

You can also contact these bookstores directly via email and ask for more specific information.

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Thank you all for the good information regarding books and bookstores. This is great! I don't think any phone book could give me as much info as you guys did!!

Have a good one!

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