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Mothers and Daughters Book Club
1 (soheila)

I have learned about Mothers and Daughters Book Clubs in Bay Area which seem to be a growing trend. A group of mothers and their daughters choose a book to read. They get together and discuss it and then choose another book for the next time. They usually start when daughters are at age 11 and up.

I think it is a wonderful idea to keep mothers and daughters close and their values coherent. I asked a mother who organized one of these clubs for more info. She has faxed me 2-3 pages about what they do and some of the books they read with a short summary of the books they have read and hints on how to choose books, etc. I would like to post it on the web, but unfortunately have no time to type it. Is there a volunteer to do it? BTW, If there are interested parents in Bay Area, we can get started on a book club.

2 (soheila)

With many thanks to the madar who typed the book list, we now have the list of suggested books for "Mother-Daughter Book Club" on the web.

Mohter-Daughter Book Club

Please provide suggestions for the book list.

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