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a madar (regard from dead princess: novel of life)

Ba salam,

I just read a very good book and thought I could share it with you all, may be some of you will be interested about it. The name of the book is regard from dead princess: novel of life. It is by Kenize Mourad. It is has been published in English and Farsi (for those who get their books from Iran).

This book is basically a novel based on the true story of an Ottoman family that were exiled after Atta Turk took down the Ottoman empire. The book is very well written. The author is Indian/Turk/French. I enjoyed learning more about Turkish history and their cultures. This book is very exciting I had read the book in Farsi, however I have talked to some people who read it in English. They told me the English translation is wonderful. This book is currently out of print however you still can find it in or If I can be of any more assistant please let me.

Have a great weekend.

(a madar)

in what language was this book written originally ?


I believe the book was originally written in French.

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