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Did we fight for nothing or are we better off away from home
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salam, i am an iranian growing up in melbourne australia i personally want to express my greetings to all the iranians all over the world. i have found it hard growing up in this country i sometimes wish we never left iran. im geting into to much trouble here i am actually going to jail pretty soon for a bad crime me and my cousin commited was it worth leaving iran, was the revolution worth it. We have all become so distant to eachother were we could of been neighbours. We have put our kids into a new country with freedom and so worth. Some have made it and some like me havent. My question did we fight for nothing or are we better off away from home.

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I am sorry you are having a hard time We all left mostly by our parents choice Either they had no choice leaving Iran or left for a better life we still can be a support system for each other even if we are not neighbours.I don't know what is your crime for going to jail but you sound young and it is never too late. I will pray for you and wish you a better future You can have one if you decide to change your ways we all make mistakes

God bless all our kids and keep them away from trouble

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I am sorry to learn about your troubles. I am not sure how I can help you. but one thing I know is that you can help us by explaining a little more about your sitation: how did you get into trouble? What could your family have done to prevent it? That is, how can we help our children avoid such troubles? What are the social factors that you feel pressured by? I wish you the best, and hope to hear from you whenever you get a chance to share your lessons of life.

Good luck, and please try harder...

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Hi there,

You sound like a young person who is going through some trying times. You didn't give much detail, so we give our concerns and opinions in general terms. Hope they are still of some use to you.

You were wondering if we fought for nothing and if it was worth leaving Iran. I don't know if the fight was worth it, but no matter where we live our life is what we make of it. It certainly is not easy, but I think our children have more chances and choices in the west. Still, these chances don't come knocking at our door. We have to struggle for them. In general I see most of the Iranian children, especially those who were not born here, do very well. I think it is because we appreciate the opportunities more. For example, being an A+ student in Iran does not guarantee that you can enter a university, while here we are practically guaranteed such a priviledge in almost any field if we only try. And the nice thing about it is that there isn't even an age limit.

Dear friend, you sound like you know what you did was wrong and you really do want to make the best of a bad situation. It also sounds like you feel very left out and lonely. This too shall pass, but I pray to god that you make the right choice and try to cease all the opportunities that are open to you instead of dwelling on what is not. All of us have gone through struggles in a strange country and we know it is difficult. One thing that has helped me when I have encountered trying times has been concentrating on those less fortunate. I used to help out on some volunteer organizations off and on. Organizations such as helping the needy or the homeless or those with disabilities. Being around those less fortunate truely opened my eyes on all that I had to be thankful for. Also, there is no joy and no therapy better than giving a helping hand to someone in need. Try it, you'll be amazed.

If your prison sentense is long, use that time to set a goal for your future and work towards that goal by studying. It'll make the time pass, keep your mind from wondering to unhealthy thoughts and your time will not be wasted. If it is short, serve it and don't look back. Your whole future is ahead of you. Stay away from bad influences, surround yourself by friends that you can be proud of (no matter what the nationaity), and Make us all proud!


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