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Anceint Persian Celebrations
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Recently read this book "Hezar sal nasr-e Parsi" ("A thousand years of Persian Prose"), one of the books discussed, was about ancient Persian celebrations and festivities. I shall go back and will look into it, hopefully I'll give you more information shortly.

In time, it seems, the number of ceremonies dwindled from a few per month, to a few per year, today (the origin to these ceremonies and celebrations were pre-Islamic).

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t would be very interesting. There are at least twelve celebrations, one per month. The days of the months used to have names and there would be a celebration when the day & the month name coincide. No-Rooz and Mehregan are two that are still alive.

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reference "http://www-path.eecs.berkeley.edu/~soheila/oldnames.html"

Dear Novel Writer:

Here are some names common in the 5th century Persia.

Please choose from the list. You may also find

http://www.vohuman.org/ as a good resource.

With regards,

List of names
Bahram (boy)
Dinyar (boy)
Farrokh (boy)
Gulchehr (girl)
Iranbanu (girl)
Mehrdokht (girl)
Phiroz (boy)
Pourandokht (girl)
Rostam (boy)
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