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"Iranian" is not a race but an ancestry
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If Iranians and Iranian-Americans want recognition as a viable constituency, we must make our numbers show. The 1995 census announced that there were only 100,000 Iranians in USA; however estimates indicate that this number is off by a factor of 10; meaning we're more like 1 million!

The 2000 census is a perfect opportunity for us to mark our presence. Please fill out the census cards and write in "Iranian" for racial category.

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From what I have read, Census-2000 forms are set. Iranian- Americans can select "caucasian", also check off "Other" or "write-in" category to enter "Iran" as the "racial" category (Q: Should it be Iran or Iranian?).

Here are two government sites for Census-2000:

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Interesting info to share.

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Prof. P. T. sent our census request to a demography professor who works at the census bureau; here is his response.

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Some corrections:

The Census Bureau does not mail out census "cards" but rather a questionnaire.
There was no "1995 Census" the last census, as I'm sure you're aware, was in 1990.
"Iranian" is not a race but an ancestry.
The 1990 census identified 236,000 individuals of Iranian ancestry living in the United States.
This individual should be encouraging the writing of Iranian on the ANCESTRY question not the RACE question. The Census Bureau publishes no figures on Iranian race only on Iranian ancestry--writing in Iranian on the race question will not help Iranians and Iranian-Americans at all (unless they now choose not to answer the ancestry question under the false impression that they have already provided this information--in this case it will actually hurt your/their cause).
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Salaam Doostaan:

For anyone who is uncertain of what race "Iranians" are, I suggest they look up the meaning and description of "Caucasian" in an unabridged Webster's dictionary.

Caucasian (commonly referred to as White) race is a major ethnic division of the human species having skin color varying from very light to brown. These people are natives of Caucasus Mountains, which are in the SW region of Soviet Union or Northern region of Iran (depending on the time periods when the borders were established). Iranians are Caucasian or White. Let's not loose our identity for the sake of privileges offered to "minorities".

If you still have any doubt about your heritage and ancestry, then find out what the word "IRAN" means. I wonder how many of us know that?

Please pass on the word and let's get our American friends, families and society educated on who we are.

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Iran from what I know is a cultural and civilizational link to a nation which in whole, was colorless in race, though for the better part and intitially of a race. In time the racial issue due to the importance of harmony in life and people as advocated and encouraged by our heritage lost it's importance and the cultural aspect took precedence in the forefront. Iran of today is made of many people and from different regions and ethnic backgrounds, and times, though primarily it is formed by the Iranian people of old. Iran= A-ee-ran= the Aryans.

On the issue of Iranians and Iranian-Americans being officially being recognized as a minority. I respectfully and fully disagree with the previous opinion posted here. We ARE a minority and have been treated as such in everyday life at least in the United States. This too is irrelavant of "racial" issues (our caucasian roots/background). Why shouldn't we benefit from what we actually are? (ref: minoirty rights and privileges).

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