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Amu Norooz
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Ba Salam,

Can any one help me to find books or tape or CD for 4 year old kid who wants to know more about N0-ROOZ and Amo-No-Rooz?

I am trying to introduce it to my son and get him interested and familiar with our new year traditions.


2 (a madar)

There is a English-Farsi book name Amo-norooz.

I purchased it at least 12 years ago for my son who is 13 now.
I looked up a bookstore from Iranian Yellow pages in LA area. They mailed it to me.
I don't live in California.
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Dear Ali,

About a year ago I was in LA and stopped by sherkat-e ketaab on Westwood. I bought a few audio tapes and several books for my then 2 year old daughter. One particular tape named "shahr-e baazi" by "meem Azad" was (and still is) a hit with Sahar. The tape recreates the spirit of no-rooz with ammo no-rooz arriving with a "koole poshti" full of toys for the kids named Topoli, Fesqeli, Zebeli, etc. Before long, Sahar was singing along with the songs and wanted to hear it over and over again. It is realy well made. The story is less related to no-rooz rituals (it doesn't say much about haft-seen, chahar-shanbe-sori, etc.), and is more about fasl-e bahaar and amoo norooz. Sahar can't wait for no-rooz to arrive so she can actually see amoo noroooz (which is going to be tricky!).

I don't have any good children's books on no-rooz though, and would appreciate any recommendations.

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Does anybody know how these bookstores can be contacted? I don't have any Iranian yellow pages or phone book.


5 (madar # 2)

I also purchased a book named Amoo-Noroos from Sherkat-e-Ketab couple of years ago. This is how you can get in touch with them.

Ketab Bookstore
1419 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024

(310)477-7477 or (800)367-4726
their website: http://www.ketab.com
and their email: ketab@ketab.com

someone there told me that they don't check their email that frequently and it is easier to just call them

Good Luck

6 (a mother)

Salom, dear Madar # 4,

You can actually view some cities in the US by visiting www.iranpage.com/enter.html and will give you a list of Iranian Businesses in California, Nevada, New York, Texas and Arizona. The Bookstores category is included among the different types of businesses listed. You'll find the business name, phone number, city and province they are located. Just make sure when you go in, press the Iranian Business Directory choice on the top.

Best of luck,

7 (mother # 6)

Hi, again,

I actually just checked another site, that has the book someone recommended: Amoo Nooroz and Other Persian Book Stories and it seems you can order them from Amazon.com. Visit the http://www.payvand.com/books/children.html and that'll show you a few books you can choose from.


8 (pedar # 1 )

Mother # 6,

Thank you very much. That was the only one that I've found so far and I've already placed an order for it (they do not have it in stock, and do NOT know how long it takes to get it.) But thanks again for your help.


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