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1 (a madar)

I have been thinking about adopting an Iranian child. I am an Iranian woman married to an American who is a moslem. I would like to know, if anybody has any information about what the process is in adopting a child from Iran. The child would be living in the states.

I had heard that the government of Iran does not allow non-moslems to adopt Iranian children. I am not sure if this extends to just religion or it also includes nationality. I would appreciate any kind of information anybody may have. Thank You

2 (a pedar)

Dear Madar #1:

You may want to check with Immigration (INS) first to see if you can bring the child to US. I'm assuming that you are residing in US. The Interest section of Iran in Washington DC may also be of help.

I'm not sure with the lack of political relations between Iran and Us that the child can get a visa. I hope I'm wrong.

3 (a web visitor)

Dear Madar,

I recently looked on the web about iranian adoptions. I read that muslims can adopt muslims and christians can adopt christian children. It did not specify nationality of the parents. To obtain more info, you can call (202) 965-4990. Good luck!

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