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Paul Bagala's Anti-Iranian Statement
1 (a pedar)

Ba Salaam,

Everyone must have heard of Paul Begala of MSNBC comment. If not this is what he has said: "I love it when Republicans fight. It is like when Iran and Iraq fight each other. You want heavy casualties, on all sides" ("Equal Time," 1/10).

I would like to thank everyone who took the time and wrote nice protest letters, in some cases very intellectual and "politically correct" ones.

However, I feel that Mr. Begala and his colleagues at MSNBC are not your average uninformed, uneducated, flyby night individuals in need of education, preaching or lecture. They know exactly what they are saying, or doing. All we have to do is to let them know that they miscalculated this time.

Please email them your own version and don't worry about expressing yourself. Begala@msnbc.com equaltime@msnbc.com


P.S. This is what I sent them:

Dear Mr. Paul Begala

I, TOO love it when Republicans fight. It is like when jerks like you intentionally or unintentionally speak your true sick mind and get yourself and the network in such a mess. You want heavy casualties, on all sides.

Go ahead and tell us more if you will, we really love to see you DEAD, professionally that is.


Los Angeles

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The only way to stop people like this is to get them removed from their "soap box".

We need one or two sharp attorneys to file a formal complaint with msnbc and get this guy removed.

Today, here in Oregon, a professor of theology had to resign due to stating anti-gay comments in the classroom. It can be done.

Please pass this note to everyone on your list.

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Dear Pedar #1,

I really understand your anger. It's valid in every aspect and very humanist. I am definitely on your side with all my soul and heart. However, if you want to be effective you have to use a proper language. the language that you are using is the language that Paul Begala is using. Do not lower yourself to his level.

To convince the public you have to put aside your emotions and speak logically. Let people know that you despise his thinking and poor ethics and not him. There is a fine line here that we ought to respect. In any situation we have to speak the language of reasoning and not the emotions. I have done this before, I have let myself taken over by my emotions and I ultimately lost. I am cordially suggesting not to lose the ground and instead pinpoint the issue without giving him the oppotunity to get personal; because that is the only way he can get away with it: by making the water muddy and distracting people. Don't give him that chance. Remember people are judging you too.

Last but not least: I wrote the same emotional letter to him without sending it to him. I have kept it in my record. At the time it really relaxed me. I even sent it to some friends. I thought it might help them to get the anger maybe a little released. You want to see it? here we go:

You are such an idiot, Paul!

Haven't you learned anything during all these years of trainings? You never make such a direct comment. See, now you have to apologize, and that's like you saying it's not fun to see Iranian children and Iraqis youngesters killing each other. You know and I do how much of a joy and pleasure it gives us when watching a game so joicy and live; the more the better. Ahh...it's such a good feeling. Iranians, Iraqis, Palestinians, and all those people from that part of the world, and also people from China and all the slant-eyed people, they all suck!I wish they all had involved in the war and all sides had intense heavy casualties. But this is too good to be true, Paul. This is too good to be true! You know we have a lot in common: oh God, do I hate dark heads!

On the other hand, we both are so different: you are an imbecile loser and I AM NOT.

Let me get this stright for you: stupid people play dumb games on TVs and computers, you want to end up doing that!? If not then shut up and say no more. And this is my advise to you dumb-ass: go ahead and ask apology and get it over with the damn thing as soon as you are on the air.

I know what you feel when you are to apologize for expressing your geniune idea. For a common human being the most aweful feeling is when you are to ask apology from the people that you hate the most. But you know, we are way above the average: we know that they know that nobody believes a word of apology that a politician says here. Therefore, you would still have your dignity and loyalty to us. In that sense you don't have to feel terrible about taking back something that you sincerely believe in.

Nonetheless, you deserve to feel like a loser anyway. This is another lesson that you must learn. Think about the elections. I agree with you; you shouldn't care a rat's ass about Iranian-Americans votes here in US, but there are bunch of ass-holes who are the most Unamericans ever; they'll take those people's side and will start talking about fratenity, civilization and all these crap that they gargle everyday. Aren't you sick of them? Then why did you give them such an easy chance. You know they are out there to get us all. You imbecile!

You could have said the same thing without having to provoke anyone. Now you have put MSNBC in a position that you most likely have to apologize provided that you want to use the tv network. We could have used the network to our advantage. Thank you so very much for trapping yourself so easily Paul. Thank you so very much!




One of the members of the elite

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Salam Bar Hameye Shoma,

I feel that you are all very blessed for what Mr. Begala has said. The fact that the Iranians abroad have been so sucessufull in their social, and professional life in spite of all the false things that are mentioned worldwide about our culture merits the respect of everyone. Iranians are among one of the most highly educated immigrants of the world. We are not the orphan children that everyone can give a "toosari".

I suggest the formation of a foundation to aid Iranians in need of help, defending our dignity against such attacks. For my part, I'm willing to contribute my book of photography or its copy rights to finance a brick of this foundation.

I would like to have your comments about this.

Ba arezooye sarafraziye Iranians,

5 (a web visitor)

Mr. Bagala, I would like to first introduce myself and tell you why im wasting my time writing you im a 25 year old journalism student, the reason I'm studying journalism is to be able to possibly show the world, the attrocities of war and the so very many in-humane activities all over the world,,,that occur within the human race.

To be able to make people face reality and see it and then possibly they may.. not be able to ignore it..

The war and casualties you made your snide comment about i lived, i saw my brother go and not come back i lay in wake while missiles and bombs where dropped over head.my brother amir which means prince was a medical student he was a casualty you mentioned..he was not a politician making decisions that would affect societies to his benefit ,,,and all those young boys where not out to get "America" or the "American Way of life"..you in your position with your education should know better if anti- american slogans where said it was politically based and controlled by a government not a people ..i wont continue this letter....I know jokes are made and deep down a large percent of the time it was not literal...

but your position and where and when you said it was crucial you have a responsibility to keep your personal opinions out of the public opinion ,,,,and keep your bias and prejudices personal...

I don't know you personaly therefore i wont insult you but who do you know that died ..that you insulted?,,,at least you know one .,,remember his name Amir-Ali...he died at the age of 19 in his first year of medical school along with 12 of his classmates,11 of his neighbors and 4 of his cousins...you should be ashamed of the comment you made ,,,take a look at your children and your wife if you have them and thank-god for how fortunate you are it is when you take for granted what you have god answers you....

S. N.

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