We are a group of Iranian parents who share our concerns about raising bi-cultural children.
Madar-Pedar is modeled after the UCB-Parents which is a network of parents who are affiliated with UC Berkeley. Though UCB-Parents is a wonderful supportive and informative resource for parents, there is a need for first generation immigrant parents to discuss specific issues of culture, share concerns, and seek help from each other by networking. We hope that this web site could be a resource for Farsi-speaking parents who care about preserving their heritage.
In addition to the web site, we have a discussion forum on parenting issues for Iranian (or half-Iranian) families on the mailing alias of Madar-Pedar. You can join the email list by sending us an email. Also, if you have any information that you would like to share with other parents, or seeking/providing advice please send us an email and let us know. Our contact person and list keeper is:
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Some of Our Gathering Discussions

Shall we teach our children Farsi? and Shall we celebrate xmas?
Shall we allow our children to sleep over at their friend's house?
Farsi? Peer Pressure
A symbol for Yalda? The importance of Nowrooz for our children?
Sexual preference of our children
Public or private school? Eid-deedani? Partners' expectations from each other?

Some of Our On-line Discussions

A Book on Iran
Are Iranian Men Abusive?
Madar-Pedar and Copy Right Issues
Homeless Kids
Discrimination Comes in Different Shades
Persian or Farsi?
Children Growing Up Here
Surviving Paradise
To My Child ... or Is This Bringing Up Loos -o -Nonor (spoiled) Kids?
Killing Defenseless People ... Is It a Parenting Issue?
Did we fight for nothing or are we better off away from home
Family Problems: American Bride and Iranian In-laws
Madar-Pedar Local Chapters
Persian Ethnic Race Category
Farsi classrooms in PARIS
Bicultural Families - article Christian Science Monitor
Not Without My Daughter
How to Deal with Difficult Children
Searching for Roots
Marriage Problems, Divorce and Single Parenting, Bad Mouthing and Mental Abuse, Child Custody, ...
Is it a good idea for teenagers to have a job?
Sponsoring a Child in Iran
Raising Children With or Without Religion
Balancing Work and Family (Which One is Better: Working Mom or Stay-at-home Mom?)
Liberal Moslem Schools in Bay Area
Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts in Iran
Assertiveness Training
Iranian Heritage Day
Norooz Poems
Ancient Persian Names
Book Club on Line
Caring About Politics in Iran
French Mom Interested to Meet Iranian Moms
"Iranian-American" Term
Shall We Open Madar-Pedar Membership to the "Children"?
Iranian-American Names
Iranian Teenager and Nazism
Non-Iranians and Relationships
Children and Divorce
Mothers and Daughters Book Club
Women's Networking Group
Iranian culture/traditions concerning childbirth
Norooz Traditions
International Women's Day
Transexuality (Transsexuality) and Homosexuality and "Choice" in Behavior
Persian Dance Music?
Iranian elderly gatherings in Southern California?
Sending Prescription Medicine to Iran
Persian Cook Book Recommendation?
Health concerns taking children under 5 to Iran
Paul Bagala's Anti-Iranian Statement
Looking for My Iranian Father
Amu Norooz
Anceint Persian Celebrations
Teach Me Office Policy
Long Stay in Iran
Living as a Minority
Working Mothers
Shab-e Yalda
Behavior problem
Working mother or stay-at-home mom?
Iranian is an ancestry, not a race
Finding Iranian Heritage
Jashn-e Sadeh or the Feast of Sadeh
American Moms in Iran
Tele-Marraige and Arranged Marriage
Farsi For Childdren Living Outside Of Iran
A Child's Cry for Reunification
Shab-e Yalda
Copy Rights of Articles and Crediting Sources
Farsi Resources
Live-in Nanny
Memos From Your Child
Parents' Pressure to Prevent a Marriage and Turning the Table
Gay and Lesbian Children
Back to School Issues
Single Parenting
Prom and Dating
Social Blunders in America
Advice on Child Abuse and Sexuality in America
Farsi for Teenagers
Daughter's facial, arms and legs hair
IEEE and Women in Iran
Children and Religion
Tri-lingaul Children
Ignorance, kids, guns and Us
Questions and Answers about death
Children Learning Farsi
Some random thoughts and questions re shooting rampage
Pragmatic Approaches to Simplify One's Life
The New Salad Bowl, Not the Old Melting Pot
We and our children
Visiting Iran
Our Culture?
My Glamorous Daughter
Valentine's Day
Our Kids' Sexual Awareness, Parents' Relationship, Genital Names, Menstruation, ...
Working Parents?
Iranian? or American?
Skin Color and Identity
My kids are growing up
Raising social conscience
Preparing for Newrooz
Mother's maiden name/Children's last name
Persian folk songs for Norooz
Moving Chahrshanbeh Souri to Weekend (Shanbeh Souri)
A cute story of Iranian/American Families
Sharing Experiences & Words of Wisdom from Both Parents and Children
Please share your experince in raising bicultural children, or being raised in a bicultural environment: What are the "Do"s and "Don't"s in your opinion, what is it that you most value or regret, what do you recommend? PLEASE LET US LEARN FROM YOUR EXPERIENCE. You may be broad in the subject just as broad as real life! Sharing Experiences & Words of Wisdom from Both Parents and Children
Book Recommendations by Madar-Pedar members
If you read a good book about parenting, please share it with Madar-Pedar and let us know why you read it and you liked it.
Children and Sexuality
regard from dead princess: novel of life
Comments about Our Discussions
Overall Comments
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Saving for college education
Bonyade Koodak (Child Foundation) Sponsor a Poor Child through his/her education in Iran
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Traditional Iranian Celebrations
Noruz and Persian Myths
Nowrooz , more on Nowrooz
Ancient Iranian Festivals
Chahr-Shanbeh Soori and Fal-Goush and more
Sizdeh-bedar, more
Mehrgan, and more about Mehrgan
Shab-e Yalda or Chelleh, Jashn-e Sadeh, and Origin of Xmas
Shab-e Yaldaa
Yalda , Mehr
Related links about Mitra (or as said in English: Mithra), and Mithraism"
Zartosht (or as said in English: Zaratushtra)

About Iranian Culture and History
Iran and the West
A Brief History of Women's Movements in Iran (1850 - 2000)
A Brief History of Iranian Jews
Iranian months, origin of the names
Persian Colligraphy Some Interesting Books, Rostam and Esfandiyar
English-Persian Translator Software
Books by Iranian-American Writers
To See and See Again by Tara Bahrampour
Foreigner, and The Heart's Desire by Nahid Rachlin
Saffron Sky : A Life Between Iran and America by Gelareh Asayesh
A World Between : Poems, Short Stories, and Essays by Iranian-Americans by by Persis M. Karim (Editor), Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami (Editor), Mehdi M. Khorrami (Editor)
Chanteh, The Iranian Cross-Cultural Quarterly
Information and Discussion about Teaching Farsi to our Children Teaching and Learning Persian
Raising bilingual children: Bilingual Families , Bilingual Parenting in a Foreign Language , ...
Web pages for/about children: Kids Only , The Children's Literature Web Guide , Awad-Winnning Children's Literature, the yuckiest site on the internet fun science stuff for children, ...
Iranian-American Family , ...
Web pages for/about Iranian children: Kids Corner , Kids and Youth , Children Stories and Music...
Issues Regarding Being Iranian-American
UNICEF, Child Rights, Childlren Now
Generally about Family, Children, Neighborhood Parents Network , Moms Online, Usenet Newsgroups for Parents , Parent Hub , Parenthood, Parent and Child , Education Information, ...
Providing information about Iran, sending gifts to Iran, ...
Some First Hand Experience about Traveling to Iran (1999)
Travel Tours in Iran
About Iran and Iranian web sites and Iranian web search engine
Iranian(Farsi) Schools (phone numbers and additional info to be filled in soon... -can you help, please?)


Khanneh Iran (Persian Center)
2029 Durant Avenue #1
Berkeley, CA 94704
Tel. (510) 848-0264


Iranian Dance and Art and Farsi School by Payvand

Persian Courses in U.S. Colleges & Universities
Farsi Books and audio tapes for children Ketab Farsi , and Persian Children's Books (The little Black Fish by Samad Bihrangi in English)
Multimedia products and Farsi learning aids for children Andisheh , and adults Persian Teaching System , and for both children and adults Persian Tutor.
Child Care and Daycare
Child Care Links
Daycare Provider's Home Page
Assertiveness training workshops for children of all ages
Iranian Home Day cares
Redwood City
Persian Story-telling in Menlo Park Public Library
Rhymes and Songs (folk, children,...)- Please send me the rhymes that you remember from your childhood, or new children rhymes, folk songs, etc. to be shared by other parents and their children. We can make a precious collection together.
Iranian names , and more male, and female names, and books on Iranian names
Educational Children's Summer Programs at Berkeley , ... (Please let me know of programs in your area.)
The Comprehensive Guide to Bay Area Public Schools
Horse Backriding for Children
Parent's Guide to Movies and Videos Helping parents choose movies for their kids
Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri Koodadan va Nojavanan Institute For The Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults
American Iranian Anti-Discrimination Center (AIADC)
Alumni Clubs of Iranian High Schools and Universities

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