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Rules for Special Election Issues

Berkeley Parents Network > Rules for Special Election Issues

Special election issues contain subscribers' opinions about the candidates and propositions in an upcoming election that affect our children, families, schools, and communities. The special election edition is a chance for parents to relay their thoughts, observations, and experiences to other parents with the goal of informing us and hopefully inspiring us all to get out and vote. A special election issue is sent separately from the usual newsletters so that subscribers who aren't interested can delete it without reading it. There will be *one* issue only. Sorry, no rebuttals, replies, or follow-ups, so if you want to take part, please plan accordingly. All gripes afterwards will be ignored!

The Rules

1. Submissions must be received before the date specified in the announcement and must be made using this form:

2. It must be your own words - no forwarding of political ads, petitions, articles, party literature, etc.

3. Keep it short (less than half a page).

4. The usual newsletter rules apply - you may not criticize other parents, candidates, etc. Stick to info about your guy/gal/prop.

5. You must include *either* your name *or* your email address - specify which one if you have a preference. We won't be printing anonymous postings for this issue.

What works best is if you write as though you are talking to another parent, which you are. Give your own observations and experiences as objectively as you can, explaining why you are planning to vote for him/her/it.

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