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Career as a Fitness Instructor

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April 2008

I'm planning to switch careers and become a Pilates instructor, which I'm really passionate about. Are there any Pilates instructors out there who can give some advice about which studio to do my training at, and how easy it is to find work once certified? Every studio seems to have a slightly different philosophy and it's difficult to know which is best. Do studio owners really care where you get your training, or are personality and ability more important? Is there anything else I should know about the field before embarking on this career path? A new Mommy who is reconnecting with her dreams.

Hi, I am in the process of my Pilates training at Synergy Fitness Studio on Solano Avenue in Albany.Though I''m not carreer changing, I'm adding on to my Massage Therapy practice. I've completed my class work and am starting my apprenticeship hours...I also am working on my observing adn assistant teaching hours. It's total a 500 hour course before I''m certified. June
Nora St John at Turning Point Studios is excellent. She does the regular instructor training and also supplemental training for pilates based injury prevention and rehab. Heather
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