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School Dances

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Turned off by freak dancing at school dances

Sept 2008

My daughter (15yo) no longer wants to attend her high school dances because of all the freak dancing that goes on. She finds it distasteful to have to fend off would-be freak dance partners. It takes the joy out of attending the party. It's sad because she really enjoys the social aspect of dancing.

I have attended the parties as a chaperone and know the teachers make an effort stop the freak dancing, but it is like fighting a tidal wave.

Is there any place where teens can dance for fun and have a good time without being groped or subjected to freaking / grinding? Thanks.

Your child should be able to go to her school dances. Granted the kids think they are cool dancing in that manner but as I heard a principal tell his students, ''What kind of message do you want to give your peers when you are on your knees simulating having oral sex at the dance or pretending to be having back door intercourse?'' At O'Dowd, they made a time out room. Yes a time out room. If you dance like that you get sent to the time out room for 1/2 hour of the dance. You get sent twice in one year you loose the privledges of going to the school dance. This has been done at public schools as well. We should be leading by example of what behavior we allow at school functions. Actually very liberal but my daughter goes to those same dances
There doesn't seem to be a way to stop this disgusting form of dancing. I know I hyperventilated when I first witnessed it in middle school (yes it starts early). It was literally like watching these kids have sex with each other. I have three daughters and they feel the same way. I know my youngest is going to leave her 8th grade party early this year(before the dancing starts), otherwise there is no way to avoid it, it seems. At my daughters' high school dances, they kick the kids out if they don't stop after being talked to by the dean of discipline. Kids need to know this form of dancing will not be tolerated. Disgusted Mom
I recommend that she get a group of friends together and find a dance class they all like to take together. Other ideas: anon
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