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The mailing list I am on is through www.babycenter.com. They send you a weekly update on the development of your fetus/baby (it continues after your baby is born.) It is not like this digest though. In order to "talk" to others at the same stage of my pregnancy I used the babycenter bulletin boards and chat rooms. The bulletin boards are organized by the month you are due, and the chat rooms are organized into pre-pregnancy, pregnant and baby sections. In addition there are weekly scheduled "chats" for more specific groups... for example everyone due in July can come chat at 3 on Wednesday. I don't know if this set up meets your needs, but I found it was pretty fun and actually met three women with whom I became e-mail pals. The site lets you pick a user name and your e-mail address is not displayed unless you authorize it so you can stay annonymous if you like. They do not sell thier subscriber lists either. The only problem that I have is that from home it can take a while to load the site since the campus server uses the slow modems still.

From: Holly (2/99)

You might want to check out www.babycenter.com. They send out newsletters for babies, and might very well have them for pregnancy too. That said, it isn't a local community-based mailing list so perhaps it isn't exactly what you are looking for. But it's a great site/reference point for all things baby!

From: Beth (2/99)

I believe www.parents.com which is hosted by ivillage (a women's network group) has on their website a pregnancy calendar and chat group program that goes by your due date. My sister-in-law used it and enjoyed it.

From: a (2/99)

www.Storksite.com is not a pregnancy mailing list but you can go to bulletin boards by your due date and there are chat rooms for various interest groups.

From: Carrie (2/99)

Try www.pregnancytoday.com for recent births and current pregnancies and myria.com or search www.onelist.com for older kids and recent births and pregnancies.

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