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May 2002

Anyone have any experience with having a schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix)? We are considering getting one for a pet and would like to hear of other's experiences. Also, recommendations for schnoodle breeders would be helpful. Thanks for your help! B A

Although this doesn't address your question, I grew-up with a schoodle and it was a wonderful dog for a child. Ours was about 35 lbs. and grey. He was patient, calm affectionate and everything you could ever hope for in a dog. Good luck. gerry
hi, i can't believe i can actually address the person looking for a schnoodle breeder. my mother in law was interested in one and located a breeder close to davis where she lives in / near sacramento area. the breeder email is pringlepupus AT hotmail DOT com. good luck. i don't know this breeder, just providing a contact. tracy
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