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Borrowing a Pet

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I need to borrow a rabbit!

Feb 2002

Hi Friends, I need to borrow/rent a rabbit! I already tried Lindsey Wildlife Museum and they are no longer doing the pet lending library. I can't afford to buy and then return. What else is there to do? Does anyone want to lend/rent me their rabbit for a week? (I have three adorable little girls who need a rabbit to love while they are learning the letter "R"). Thanks! Jacqueline

2 recommendations for: Sulphur Creek Nature Center in Hayward
Elementary school teachers often have a rabbit that lives in the classroom during school days, and often one of the children takes it home for the weekend. You might ask at your closest elementary school. I know there is (was?) one at Chabot school in Rockridge (Ms. Larson's class, I think) but have heard of others. JPim
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