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Spica Casts

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2-year-old in a spica hip cast

Jan 2005

------------------------------------------- My 2-year-old daughter fell and broke her femur two days ago and is in a spica hip cast- a cast that covers both legs and reaches up to the middle of her torso. Children's Hospital was out of the special carseat restraints so we have no carseat and no stroller for her! We're trying to rig a wheelchair to push her around in but it's not ideal, nor is the red wagon idea the doctor suggested. She can't sit because she's pretty much stuck straight out flat. Anyone out there had this experience with a toddler? Anyone have a special carseat that would work for this cast that they'd be interested in selling/renting/loaning? (If so, please email me off list.) Anyone have any ideas for entertaining a frustrated toddler who keeps wailing, ''Mommy, I'm stuck!''? HELP!!! Harriet

Here's a website w/ info and resources about caring for a child in a spica cast: Good luck
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