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Advice about Custody & Visitation

Berkeley Parents Network > Advice > Family Relations > Advice about Custody & Visitation

Considering Custody Options
    Never married ... Going to Court ... When to File for custody ... Dreading 50/50 ...
Creating a Plan for Shared Custody
    Schedules at different ages ... Kids changing houses ... Shared custody in different states ... Parent's erratic schedule ... non-US spouse
Making Changes to a Custody Agreement
    Changing to a different shared schedule ... Seeking bigger share of custody ... Moving away ...
Conflicts between Parents about Custody
    Sharing custody with a mentally ill co-parent ... Co-parenting with a hostile parent ... Custody fights ... Parents disagree about school ... Irratic visitation schedule ...
Kids' Problems with Shared Custody
    Doesn't want to go to mom's ... Doesn't want to go to dad's
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