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How to Look Up License Info for Preschools & Daycare

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As of Summer 2014, parents can view complaints, violations, and inspection dates online for all daycares, preschools, and childcare centers in California at the website for the California Childcare Licensing Division (CCLD). Previously, these records were only available to parents by phoning or visiting the CCLD office.
As of January 2015, parents can also view full inspection reports online for Alameda and Contra Costa County preschools and childcare centers. These reports were scanned and made available by the Center for Investigative Reporting. See this page to search reports and read more.
License Violation How-To See Also

How to Look Up a Preschool or Daycare Online

If the daycare or preschool has reviews on BPN, go to the daycare's page and find its "License #" in the top section, above the reviews. Click the "view" link next to License # to go to the CCLD's report for that facility. Here are lists of BPN reviews: Home-based Daycares & Preschools ... Childcare Centers ... Preschools.

You can also use the "Search" function at CCLD here:

Hints for searching at CCLD:

Please (send us email if the View link is incorrect on one of our pages so we can fix it.)

What to Look For on CCLD's "Facility Detail" page

CCLD's "Facility Detail" page includes basic information about the daycare, and also a record of inspections, complaints, and citations. Here is some advice about what to pay attention to:

How to View Records in Person

Your child's childcare provider is required to keep 3 year's worth of any confirmed violations and show them to you if you ask. If you want to check a daycare or preschool that your child doesn't attend, you can look it up in the CCLD Database or optionally call/visit the Regional Office and ask to review the daycare's file. See Facility File Review on the CCLD website.

Here is the information for Alameda and Contra Costa counties:

1515 Clay Street, Suite 1102, MS 29-04 
Oakland, CA 94612 
(510) 622-2602 
FAX (510) 622-2641 
For other California counties, see List of Child Care Program Offices (PDF file from CCLD).

Note: Until recently (June 2014), California was one of the few states that did not make this information available online. Here is a Jan 2014 report about this by the Center for Investigative Reporting:

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