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Live-in Nanny

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Live-in Nanny Rates

Nov 2005

We are planning on finding a full-time live-in nanny for our two children (2 mos. and 22 mos.) We will provide 2 rooms and a bathroom in our north Berkeley home (part of common living space). Would like some advice about current rates for full- time live-in nannies in this area and any other advice in making this transition would be much appreciated.

I highly recommend getting an au pair -- we have one now, and it`s the best thing we ever did. You can find all the info, including fees and costs, here: Lisa
I am very curious about what others are paying as well. Everyone has a slightly different situation it seems re live- ins, so here is what we offer/pay.

We offer: Private studio apartment (large) with bath and full kitchen, separate entrance, parking, laundry, Cable TV, all utilities.

For our nanny who was with us for 3 years (took care of our one child from 2 1/2 months to 3 years old) $325 (started at $300). Normal hours 8am to 6pm M-F and as needed on weekends (not much).

We have a new nanny now, and I feel we are overpaying..... $300 a week (so same rate as we started our original nanny), but because our child is in pre-school, she is only working 25 hours or so a week. I have noticed on BPN that many people ''trade'' about 20 hours a week for a place to live, thus the sense of ''overpaying.'' PLUS, we bought a used car for our new nanny (which we own) and pay insurance and gas which I would Never do again as it turns out she uses it primarily for personal use (like 800 miles a month! and expects us to pay for repairs!) Our 1st nanny had her own car and we paid her x cents (I can't remember - the IRS guidelines) per mile for shuttling our son to the park.

Hope this helps. Susan

Check out one of the au pair programs. State Department sanctioned program, the au pairs come with health insurance, you don't have to worry about paying social security tax, and you can take the tax writeoff for dependent care. I am currently using They are San Francisco based, but there are other programs out there also. I found the cost surprising reasonable compared to what we were paying a live-in before, who was not an au pair. I guess more people don't use the program because they don't have a room to provide to a full- time childcare provider, but if you do, I think it is the way to go.
Feb 2003

We are in between nannies right now. We are trying to do a share with another family. We found a great nanny but are having trouble finding another family to share her with. Our alternate solution is to find a live-in to help keep the cost to a reasonable amout since we need someone full time. We are becoming very familiar with the costs for shared situations but don't know what the range of salaries are for a live-in. Any information would be appreciated.

mother in need of info

[Editor] two people recommended an au pair instead. See Au Pair instead of live-in nanny

How to find a Live-in Nanny

June 2005

I have been looking for a mon-fri live-in nanny for 3 months now in san ramon/danville area but with no luck. Besides hiring agencies, any other suggestions how I can locate one. MS

You could try If you want an American, or someone already here in the US, you probably don't have to pay the astronomical agency fees. There are many young women looking for live-in positions (mostly between 18 and 27 or so). There's a small fee to join to get access to contact info, but you don't even have to do that up front before trying the site for a bit to see if it might work for you. I haven't hired anyone yet, but I've been in touch with quite a few promising candidates... raissa
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