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Curly/Wavy/Frizzy Hair

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Stylist for Teen with thick curly hair

Feb 2010

Hi - our 16-year-old daughter has beautiful, thick, curly hair that, when dry, is frizzy and hard to manage. I'd really appreciate recommendations for 1) a stylist who is great with teens (as in a good listener who doesn't have her/his own agenda when it comes to my daughter's haircut), who is skilled with aforementioned hair type, who is kind and friendly, and who is preferably in Berkeley/Oakland and 2) recommendations for hair products that she can use on a regular basis to keep her hair looking shiny, organized, and curly rather than frizzy (I've checked the BPN archives but am hoping for new(er) recommendations). Many thanks

Your daughter's hair sounds like mine. The only product I have ever used that gives me great and consistent results is 'The Cream' by Paul Mitchell. There is also a knock off available from Sally Beauty Supply that is less expensive. I use this product rather heavily, applying more than is suggested on the tube, but it completely enhances my curl and keeps the frizziness down. The only downside is that sometimes if it is put on too heavily, it flakes off and can look like dandruff during the course of the day. I've decided to live with this because it is truly the only product I like, but a 16-year-old might not find this acceptable. I've purchased and tried other products people here have recommended, but none work for me like The Cream. You might also have her try a detangler first, which I use every couple of days as the tangles can get pretty hard to comb out.

My hairdresser does a great job with my hair, but I can't say how she would be with a teenage girl. I see her mostly with adults, although for a short time she was also cutting my 'tween son's hair. Her name is Maria at Ah Dorno, on Hearst right near Euclid. 540-1104. If you try her out let her know I recommended her. Amy

You have described my hair. Having long hair with long layers actually helps my hair look more 'in control' by weighting it down. I use Aveda's 'Be Curly' product line and I recently added Moroccan Oil to the mix. Probably the most important thing is to never brush my hair and to only comb it in the shower when it is wet. Once I get out of the shower I use Moroccan oil, and two Aveda products - one to reduce frizz and another that offers some hold. It helps to twist sections of my hair and let it dry naturally. Thick curly hair usually is dry and fragile so I wash it every other day or every other other day and just wet and scrunch it on the days I don't wash it. Lots of Hair
I've raved before and I'll rave again: I *love* Patricia at La Peluqueria (1600 Shattuck, Berkeley, 510-601-0102). Her lovely, small shop is very comfortable and she does a great job of listening to what you want. She also is great with suggestions. Her hair is very curly, so she definitely knows what works. Also, she has 3 kids herself, so I would expect her to be good with kids. Her recommended line of products is Mixed Chicks, and I'm a recent convert. Good luck! Curly in Alameda
I have just the person for you. Suzanne Masten PH: 333- 7000 (Montclair). She has been cutting my teenage son's hair for years. He has very thick, curly hair and she does a great job, whether he is in one of his 'long hair' phases or 'short hair' phases. He's particular about his hair, and he's always happy with the result. She's also a nice, good-natured, accommodating person. jane
Your daughter's hair sounds like mine. I've been going for years to 'The Twins' (Mary and Margaret) at the Beauty Center on Solano, next to Peets. Mary and Margaret also have thick wavy hair (though not as wavy/curly as mine) and they've always been great at suggesting products to keep mine from getting frizzy, and cutting it to emphasize the curls. They're also really nice people, great with teens (they've cut my two daughters' hair, too) and reasonably priced. The only drawback is that they're often booked up, so you have to plan ahead for an appointment. Curly Top
Deva Curl. Google it and get these products. I have always hated my curly hair until now. I basically use their shampoo (called 'no poo' b/c it is non lathering...they took out the sodium lareth sulfate which is really drying and contributes to frizziness) and their conditioner and their gel. I literally wash and wear...let my hair air dry and get compliments all the time now. They have stylists who are 'certified' in their method, and I think there is a salon in rockridge that has a stylist who is listed on the website. if you google it you can do a search for stylists on their website. best wishes! happily curly girl
My daughter also has thick curly hair and has been very happy since finding Jenn Archbold at Florescence in Berkeley, just off Solano Avenue. We found Jenn originally on BPN. She is a good listener and has a great eye for what looks good on teens; her salon is a very peaceful place, and she sells non-toxic products. You can contact Jenn at 526-1073. Judy
April Antz, over on Solano ave, is your gal. I have really thick, frizzy and curly hair. I've been working with April for years. She cuts everyone's hair in our family, including my son. She has no hidden agenda, listens and is completely authentic. She's great with teens; she's great with everyone, really. Can't say enough good things about her. Give her a call. (510) 384-9163 no more frizz, happy curly girl
I get my curly hair styled by Elvia, the owner of Skye Salon on Piedmont Avenue. She is great with curly hair and she sells Bummble and Bummble, the only products that have been able to tame my hair. She cuts my teenage daughters' hair as well. She's young and hip and really listens. Good luck!
It took me until adulthood to finally adore my curly hair! I have tried every product on the market and have found a few that work well: Bumble and Bumble Curl Cream - I have used this daily for almost 3 years! It is my go to product and, since I have a tendency to get bored with products easily, I stray and always come back! Their entire curl line is great - a bit expensive but lasts a long time. Moroccan Oil Shampoo/Conditioner/Hair Oil - I use this and the Bumble and Bumble curl cream and I'm all set. *Use a tiny bit of the oil on her hair after it's dry to tame the frizzies. BioSilk Silk Therapy- Another oil-type product!! Fabulous and smells awesome (I won't buy it if it doesn't smell good but not too overwhelming). Again, rub a small bit on palms and put on dry hair to tame the frizzies!!

As for a salon - Dani Juni at Remedy Salon in Emeryville!!! I started seeing her nearly 8 years ago at Alexander Pope Salon on College Ave. I have followed her to 2 salons and she has now opened her own salon! She's totally hip and cool (and fun energetic place). She's the only person I'll let touch my curly hair! Curly Girl

I am looking for a salon myself, but have some tips.
While at the salon:
-no thinning shears
-no flat irons
-no bangs shorter than chin length
-no color is best, but gentle is Ok
Products: mix Davines Invisible Paste Defining with Pantene Extra Strength Serum Frizz Control before using heat on hair. Dime sized drops of each for medium length hair. Also look for products that don't contain alcohol as this dries out hair. Be Curly by Aveda is good too.

Blow out: Use a high quality drier from companies like Solano. Use with a directional nozzle and keep at least a quarter inch from hair. Use a boar bristle brush with a wooden handle. Using low quality driers can burn hair because of their inconsistency and round brushes with a metal center can do the same thing. Also, a low quality drier might just not be powerful enough to fully dry hair and get a smooth blow out. Air dry for a little while or dry half way with drier a few inches from hair pointing down. Hair will be frizzy at this point. Use a big clip to pile hair on head and blow dry in sections pulling whatever way you want it styled.

To wear curly use a diffuser with your blow drier.

Always rinse conditioner out and use a good clarifying shampoo once a week to get out product build up. It just makes it harder to style and dull if you use too many styling agents. Good luck! Lea

East Bay stylist for cury hair?

Dec 2009

Can anyone recommend a hair stylist, who knows how to cut curly hair in the east bay? My last one did a great job layering my hair, so it didn't look horribly triangular and frizzy.

I had the hardest time finding somebody to cut my curly hair so it didn't look triangular and frizzy. I have gone to Lisa at Dallas & Co. in Lafayette for the past 5 years. She does a great job of layering and I get complements galore. Her phone number is 925-284-2010. Warning: she charges $70 for the cut. I think she is worth it. Linda
I have curly/wavy hair and see someone fantastic in SF. She is actually great with all kinds of hair--I know a few other women who see her. I usually don't like to set up regular appointments in SF, but no one in the East Bay (that I have yet met) can beat Laurel's cuts so I make the trip. She has been cutting hair for years and is very skilled. Her space is right off the freeway on Second St and Brannan so it is a very easy trip. On days when I have more time, it is a great excuse to spend an hour at SFMOMA (very close) or walk around in the city. Call: Laurel Spa Bar 415.975.0888 246 2nd Street. A very satisfied customer
I have curly, difficult to cut hair, and I just got a great cut from Jenna at Peter Thomas salon in Berkeley. randomann
I strongly recommend Gail Hassall (510) 691-2052 who has a chair at the Circle Salon on Colusa at Kensington Circle. Not only is Gail very capable, she has VERY curly hair. A satisfied client for over 10 years
I *love* Patricia Lewis at La Peluqueria in Berkeley (510- 601-0102). She has curly hair herself and really knows what she's doing. She's also great to talk with, so I always leave there with a smile on my face. Curly in Alameda
I recently had Marisa at JauJou ( cut my curly hair and was pleased with the results. When I called the studio, I was emphatic that I needed someone who knows curly hair. So far, I am pleased with the results. JauJou is located on Grand Avenue near 580. curly top

Wonderful hair dresser for curly hair

Jan 2009

I have this wavy-curly hair that can get all frizzy and then I look like I just left the set of an 80's sitcom or, with the right hair-cut and product my curls look awesome! My last hair dresser left CA so I'm looking for someone who cuts these stubborn Jewish curls really well - somewhere in Berkeley or Oakland. Thanks! done with frizzy

Try Letitia Bailey at the Mane Event on Arden way in Oakmore Highlands. 339-1112 Denise
I highly recommend Nina Homisak Hair Design on Solano Ave. in Albany. The phone number is (510)525-5563. I don't have curly hair myself but my friend (who actually recommended Nina to me) and her daughter go there and their haircuts look great (both have very curly hair). Nina's is also a ''green'' business, one of the first in the area. Satisfied Customer
Try Peter Dinsmore at Genray Salon on Claremont near College. I have curly hair and he does a great job with mine. I started going to Peter after I had my baby. Peter never made me feel bad about myself for having uncontrollable post-partum curly hair. He gave me good tips on how to make it look healthier and cut it in a shape that was just right. He has good intuition about what will work. ...and is a lovely person as well. Please send him my regards if you do go to see him. Anne
You simply must go see Jessica Earle at Vero Salon in Oakland. She practices the ''Deva'' method of cutting curly hair, which was developed by Lorraine Massey in New York (and also read Massey's book- Curly Girl, The Handbook- it changed my life, and I'm not exaggerating!). There are many reviews for her on the great website, which is how I found her. You can schedule an appointment by calling her cellphone directly: 510-459-8303. She's truly amazing. Rebecca
I get my curly hair cut by Shannon at Elixir Salon, on Hopkins St. in Berkeley (510) 526-1700 - she's great! She really listens and pays attention to what it is you're trying to accomplish. She also cuts your hair while it's dry, so she can see and evaluate how your specific curls behave (or misbehave). Typically, I've paid $75, but additionally, if the next day I've ever wanted a bit more done or was not yet completely satisfied, she always goes the extra mile without charging an additional fee. Two thumbs up!! Best of luck to you and your curls... Deb D.
I posted a similar question on BPN a while back about my frizzy, curly hair and followed some recommendations to try Darin David Salon in Berkeley on Solano. Darin, the owner, has been cutting and coloring my hair for about a year and he is wonderful. I've gotten many compliments and for the first time in many years my curls are gentle, not frizzy. He also did some new things with the color that I love. His salon is a lovely, relaxing place to be. I've heard good things about the other hair sylists there, too. No longer frizzy
My hair is thick, and I need someone who is skilled at cutting, too. I recommend Alden Aimion at Darin David Salon. He gives a great cut, a fabulous scalp massage, is wonderful with the scissors, blow dryer etc. If you get color he'll give you a hand massage! And, his price for a cut is only $50! Call Alden at the Darin David Salon : 510/524-8121 anon

Hairstylist 4 curly hair -Marin/Sonoma?

Nov 2008

I have very hard to cut, curly, thick short hair. We've moved and have been going to SF but it's getting too difficult to get there. Would love to find a good and patient hairstylist in Marin or Sonoma Counties. Thanks. anon

Call Lena Bivens in Mill Valley. She works at Elements Salon on Miller in Mill Valley and is brilliant with my wayward curly hair. 415-342-7571. curly sue
Susan Bailey is a terrific curly hair stylist. She has been working with me since the mid-1980s. She is in Berkeley (not Marin or Sonoma - but worth the trip and you can get a good cup of coffee at the French Hotel). Her number is 510/472-1006 Bobbye

Good stylist for wavy, frizzy, fine hair

June 2008

Hi: I am looking for recommendations for a hairdresser in Berkeley who is good with not-straight and not-curly, kind of wavy hair. I also swim and don't really blow dry my hair or use many products. I fear I may be seeking the impossible, but would love recommendations for someone who can give me a cut that works for more than a week or two and is easy to care for. I live in N. Berkeley. Thanks! --Elisabeth

I too have your hair and hates spending time curling, ironing or putting products in them. I found Carlos Arellanos with Art Mind Hair in Rockridge at 5475 College avenue to be sympathetic to my hair and lack of grooming abilities. He can be reached at 510-547-8808. good luck, Catherine
Kathleena Gorga is wonderful. I have hair like yours and her cuts look great on me for a LONG time; my last cut was April 2nd and it still looks fantastic! She works at ReVive Salon on Hopkins (near Monterey Market). Her number is 510.710.0309. Terry
Sounds like I have similar hair; wavy hair can look different daily. I recently went to Teri Irwin at Hair Solano (Berkeley); best cut I've had in awhile. It still looks great several weeks later. wavy but fine

Wavy Short Haircutter Needed

Feb 2008

I'm looking for recommendations for someone to give my curly head a short hair cut. I am ready to go from very long to very short, so I need someone I can trust, who will listen to my requirements, and someone who specifically knows natural curl! Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, even SF. Help me with this major life transition! Leaving Long Locks Behind

I have short curly/wavy hair. I drive into SF from the east bay once every 7 weeks to get my hair cut by Lori D'Ambrosio at a salon called Ringolevio. She has been cutting my hair for multiple years and I can't imagine going anywhere else. (415)585-4040 curly top

Stylist for very curly hair

Jan 2008

Does anyone have a recommendation for a stylist in the Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito area who is good at cutting very thick curly hair (for $60 or less if possible)? Thanks! One bad haircut after another

Feeny (sp?) Range at Hair Solano. $70 or so for my cut but worth every penny. I have, well, challenging curls and she's the best stylist I've found. I don't go often but the cuts grow out very well. Whatever her trick/ technique is, it works. Probably helps that she has curly hair. She is very prompt at returning calls but you might have to wait a couple weeks for an appointment. If you can be patient, I bet you'll be glad.
Call Michelle at Today's Rave (upper Solano just down from the Starbucks). 524-0991
i know you need someone in the east bay but if there's any way you can make the trip to the city, kelle schlax at vertical clearance on valencia changed my life and can help you. i have hated my curly hair for 30 years but randomly found kelle three salons ago and would go anywhere for her haircuts. she's in your price range, has curly hair herself, and will have you leave feeling hip and loving your hair. no 80s gymnast cut, no sideshow bob, no tears! 803 Valencia St San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 285-8166 good luck! rachel
I have curly hair and a wonderful stylist. His name is Scott Torok and he works at Marsha's for Hair on Locust Street in Walnut Creek and he owns Descend Salon on Union Street in SF. He charges $80 for a cut but he is incredibly talented. He will dry cut your hair first and then shampoo and cut again. This method is very effective for curly hair. He is worth every dollar he charges! Best of luck, Zohre
Call Donna at Sahaira (5510 College Ave in Rockridge), 595.4227. I don't know her rates, but she may be in your price range. I have curly hair, too, and I pay $75-100. Good luck! Terry
Hi I have curly hair and go to Lyndsay at Peter Thomas; Great haircut for $50. jamie
Check out Under the ''curlSalon'' heading, you can find salons by city that curly-haired people have reviewed. I use it every time I move and always have good results! Curli in Cali
I love my stylist. I have very curly long hair and he's been cutting it for 10 years. One of my sisters, also has very curly hair, goes elsewhere, but she admits that her cuts are not as consistent as mine. His is the owner of Darin David Salon on Solano, in Berkeley. He is Darin, the owner. People stop me often and tell me what beautiful hair I have. I really think that the cut has everything to do with it because even on days when I feel that it looks somewhat frizzy it still looks very good! He really is great with curly hair. anon
I have been getting terrific cuts from Jean Lusson for ten years. I also have curly hair that is tricky to style, and Jean handles it beautifully. She used to cut hair at a fancy salon in San Francisco (and has Vidal Sassoon training) but now works on her own in the Berkeley area. She's smart and knowledgeable and versatile; I've recommended her to friends with all different types of hair, and they've all been happy. You can reach her at (510) 525-0624. Elisa

Trying to grow out my thick curly hair

Nov 2007

Help! I am trying to grow my thick, curly hair a little (It's always been extremely short) and it is a mess-- very frizzy-- made worse by a recent trip to a local salon. I would greatly appreciate recommendations for someone in Berkeley or Oakland who does excellent work styling curly hair. I also have my hair colored, so it would be great to find someone who can do both. Ms. Frizz

I LOVE my hair stylist, Jenn Archbold, owner of Florescence. I also have short, curly hair that I am growing out a bit... Jenn is helping to make it a truly painless process. She's easy to talk to, insightful about hair and just a fabulous person. Visit her website at or call her at 510.527.6226. I never liked my hair until I met Jenn. Jen
I, too, have curly hair, am very particular about how it looks, and HIGHLY recommend Peter Thomas at Peter Thomas Hair Salon (Shattuck at Virginia, next to Yoga Kula) for your cut, and Annette for color. Both are highly skilled and great people, too, 510.843.0697. Terry
You should go to La Nana salon in Berkeley/solano Ave. I have been going to Cissy Waley to get my color&cut. She does a great job on my curly hair. Here is the phone#: 510-525-8700 J.M

Hair stylist for very thick, frizzy/curly hair

Sept 2007

Would love some recs, especially in e-bay for good stylists who are good (and patient!) with hard hair and also consider your shape face, etc. I have very thick, frizzy/curly hair which I usually blow out. Over the years, it continues to get shorter, though pulling it back off my face is less of an option on those horrific hair days. I have a thin, small face and would like someone to think about all of my proportions. I'm thinking of going shorter too, so someone who might be good with short-dos would be good. Thanks in advance! need a change

You might want to try Judy Chan at Point of View Salon on Santa Clara near the Grand Lake Theater. Judy is very good with especially thick hair. My daughter has extremely thick, curly hair. Judy has shaped her hair to maximize the length (that my daughter wants) but minimize the thickness. She is intuitive and creative. My daughter is 18 and only once had her hair cut by someone else because she was traveling. That is amazing for a girl who prides herself on her looks. Contact Judy at 832-3376 and tell her Trish recommended you. Trish
I highly recommend Laura Traversa at Vine Street Salon. She works magic with hair. A friend has been seeing her for years; my teen daughter and I just started going to her--we've gotten the cutest haircuts. We both have difficult hair and want cuts that flatter our faces! Laura can be reached at 644-2444, 2118 Vine Street. fan of Laura T.
I was hair-challenged as well, AND with a pointed head, believe it or not. Diana Simon helped me with her right-on approach. Her 30 years as a stylist and educator serves her clients well for she knows how to listen and offer options. Many of my freinds are very happy with her care, too. Diana Simon SIMON SAYS 933A Central Avenue Alameda 94501 510-387-7815 Louise
I have been going to Eclipse Hair salon for 5 years for color and cut. My whole family goes there now.I see Ruby but when Ruby was on maternity leave I saw Kim. BOTH are great. 649 9131. Ruby is great with deciding color and cut. When you say 2 inches it is 2 inches not 4 like some other places I have been to. Kim
I go to Ellie at Maxi Hair (486-1916) on Telegraph across from Moe's and she is wonderful. She really takes her time to get the cut right and is very good at listening to what your hair issues are and figuring out a good, if not great option. She has curly hair that she blows straight, so she is familiar with that. I have stick straight hair and I always come away feeling glamorous. I will add that she is also the best person for eyebrows, I never thought I'd be in to having them done, but she is so artful and subtle it just looks like I've lost wrinkles not eyebrow hair. Happy after haircuts!!!
Try Inca at Circle Salon, 510-234-7800. She has done a great job at transforming my look. I have thick frizzy hair, and she has cut my hair so that it frames my face very nicely, and I get tons of compliments. happy with my hair cut
June 2007

Re: The cut is good but she can't do color
I have long very curly/frizzy hair. I get it cut and colored with Maria at Ah Dorno Studio on Hearst Avenue, just across from the north gate of campus. Maria always does a good job, although I confess I was a color virgin before she started coloring my hair. I frequently get compliments. I recommend you give her a try. I think their rates are reasaonable: including cut, color, and tip, I pay $120. I think the base fee is just over $100. Try Ah Dorno, 540-1104. Amy

I had a similar situation. I found the perfect person for my curly hair (with gray) that I want to keep at a semi-long length. I go to Sarah Garrity at Festoon Salon (she works at both the Berkeley and San Francisco locations). She's in high demand. I have to make appointments far ahead--I like to do cut and color at the same time. There are those times where I've made my appointment far in advance and then something comes up to conflict with it and I have to change it. If I can't get Sarah for the cut and/or color, I get another stylist to do one or both. The great thing about the salon is that the stylist you are loyal to doesn't have a problem with another stylist doing your cut/color. They all have a great attitude about it. If I waited for Sarah every time I had to reschedule an appointment, my hair would be looking really bad! Anyway, the salon is great and I love Sarah for my curly hair (she also has long curly hair)! Sarah Garrity at Festoon (888) 357- 2566. Tell her Marcia (rhymes with Garcia) sent you. :o) Marcia
I have Gail at Circle Salon at the Kensington Circle cut and color my naturally curly hair. I've been going to her for years and am quite satisfied. Call her at 510-691-2052 and tell her that Sharyn sent you! Sharyn
I went through a similar situation-I had someone who cut my hair for years, and then last 3 haircuts were no good-i tried a few new people and found one I really like. Her name is Marija at Elixir on Hopkins in Berkeley-I have curly hair and she is great. For color, I see someone else, and no one seems to mind. So I wouldn't worry about it, I think hairsylists are used to people coming and going, and it's fine to have different people for cut and color. m

Cut and color for curly hair

June 2007

I'm looking for a great stylist who is amazing with curly hair. I need to find someone who can do both color and cut who works on Sundays in either Berkeley, Oakland or around Solano. I have very dark blond hair with lots of gray. My usual highlights are nolonger covering the gray so the person must know how to do blond. I don't mind a talkative stylist...but no prima donnas, please. Many of the archived posts on this subject are out of date. Please hair is making me sad. Bad Hair Year

Try Inca at Circle Salon 525-7752. She is there on Sundays. She is kind of a mellow person, but has tons of experience. She used to have her own salon. She has done a great job on my thick curly hair, tho I haven't done coloring, so can't speak to that. Circle Salon is at the Kensington circle. happy with my hair cut
Laura Traversa does great color and cut though I do not have curly hair. She used to work at a place that had a website and her description included that she does 'believable blonde' and also long and curly hair. She now works at the Vine Street Salon. (there are 2 Laura's there, I understand so be sure to ask for Laura T.) anon

Stylist for curly, frizzy thick hair

Jan 2007

Hi - I am looking for a hair stylist in the SF/East Bay area that might have experience with hair like mine. It is curly, frizzy, thick and soft, but doesn't respond well to heat. I've gone to hair stylists in the past that specialized in african american hair, and it was a disaster. Any recommendations please?? I haven't gotten my hair cut in 2 or 3 yrs for fear of another disaster. Thank you! sista' needing hair help

I highly recommend Madu Salon in San Francisco. They specialize in ANY kind of curly hair, and as a bonus if you decribe your hair and what you want when you call they will try to set you up with an appointment to the most appropriate hairstylist. From what I have seen, they are all good, but I have to say I love my hairstylist Theresa. Madu is at 300 Divisidero St and the number is 415-626-4782. I would not trust my very curly hair anywhere else, even though now I have to drive from Oakland! curly girl Sam

Hair stylist for long curly hair

May 2006

I am looking for a stylist who is really great with naturally curly long hair for cut and color in Berkeley, Rockridge or on Solano. Please help as this Momma's hair is a post partum out of control nightmare. curly headed momma

I know just the stylist, very calming, tailors every cut/style to the hair and life stylee you have, good with curly and hormonal changes, just the best. I have about 10 friends who swear by her, as well. And she listens. Yes, personal attention and expertise, and very pleasant. Please call my friend, Diana Simon, 510-387-7815 @ Simon Says, in Alameda and SF. Tell her I recommended her. Louise G
Hi, I recently went to Becky at Maru in Berkeley. She was really great, totally worked with what I wanted and made changes as she got used to how my hair reacted, since it was a first time together. I do not think she specializes in curly hair but did an amazing job with my curls. And the cut was reasonably priced. Good luck! lb
I have long curly hair and found a stylist who is perfect for my hair. Her name is Sarah Garrity. She is at Festoon in Berkeley. marcia
I'm a curly headed postpartum mom, too - and after checking the recommendations here I went to Jean Lusson, 510-525-0624. I am so happy I did. She has an art background and a lot of professional experience cutting hair - worked at Architects and Heroes in SF. I found her to be very easy to be around, a great listener, and very direct about what would work best for me. I think she's talented and down to earth. She knows how to cut curly hair and you can bring your baby, too! Amie
Hi - I have curly hair and have been going to Katrina at Peter Thomas Hair Salon on Shattuck for over 5 years and love the cuts and color she does. Her # is: 843-0697
Feeny Range at Hair Solano. tel 510-290-3477. She does wonders with my curly hair
I have to recommend Lynn Johnson again. I think she is posted on an older review in ’03 for being great with curly/wavy hair. She has great curly hair herself and definitely knows how to cut it. SHE is great. I have very thick wavy hair and she does amazing highlights and great layered cuts on me that reduces the bulk and frizz and gives me great style with no fuss in the morning. She also has great products for curly hair she can recommend. Lynn Johnson, Studio One #510.428.4008 M.S.
My stylist, Stacey Curns at The Right Angle in Rockridge, is amazing with curly and unruly hair! She's also great with straight hair. I've referred lots of friends who are now completely devoted to Stacey. As an added benefit for new moms, The Right Angle (on Forest at College) is just around the corner from Rockridge Kids, so I always get my kid supplies and gifts when I get my hair done. Tell her Noel sent you! She can be reached at 420-8447 Noel

Wanted - A stylist who can blow out my curly hair

March 2006

I am going to a special event and want to blow out my hair so that it looks like Carrie Bradshaw's when the series was running (before she cut it). So I am looking for a stylist who can blow it out, use rollers, curling iron, whatever to get it smooth and wavy. Any recommendations in the berkeley/oakland area or the south bay (the event is in Santa Cruz)? Thanks! mari Recommended:

  • Hair Solano Kensington
  • Simon Says Alameda

    Hair cut - man with curly hair

    March 2006

    My curly-haired husband's hair-cutting place just closed, so he is looking for a new one who does a good job with thick, curly men's hair. Preferably Albany or near Berkeley campus. He keeps it fairly short, but not ''buzz'' short. I already checked the archives, but saw nothing on this specific topic. R.K.


  • Blow Salon Berkeley Way
  • Right Angle Salon Rockridge

    Need hip haircut for long, curly hair

    Oct 2004

    Does anyone with long(ish) naturally curly hair have a stylist they absolutely adore? It's been awhile since I've had a proper haircut and I'm looking for someone to add shape and movement to my curls. My hair is uniform in length now, but I find it difficult to wear down because it lacks shape and seems to go every which way. Any stylist or salon recommendations will be greatly appreciated!
    love my curls but hate the fuss


  • Barbarella Beauty Lounge
  • Circle Salon Kensington
  • Festoon Salon N. Berkeley
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    More advice:

    i have two stylists that i think are great. the first is jairo at 77 maiden lane in s.f. he is absolutely fantastic. you pay a bit for it but you come away feeling like a queen for a day. he's great. the second is sarah at festoon in berkeley. she's great as well. both are able to give hip fresh looks. both also take their time to find out what you want. hope these help.

    I just checked out of the library the book: Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey & Deborah Chiel. Can't give you a specific beautician, but this book gives helpful tips on how to find the right hair stylist. anon.
    I have long curly hair and have 2 recommendations: Irene Contopoulos @ Vero in Oakland or Danette Harvelick (415.474.9085) who makes house calls. They are both fantastic with both cuts and color ~ you may want to give both a call to see which person better suits your personality. Good luck cinthia

    Hair products for curly-haired toddler

    Dec 2009

    I need some recommendations for good hair products for my very curly-haired daughter. She's got tons of springy ringlets that get very frizzy, dry and tangled if I don't use lots of conditioner and detangler, etc. But I'm getting kind of leery of all the products because of chemicals, etc. Should I worry? Does anyone have suggestions for baby-friendly, effective, curly-hair products? My daughter was adopted at birth and my own hair is very straight. I have no experience with curly hair. Help! inept with curly hair

    We've had good luck using any old tear-free shampoo, then lots of Aveda Be Curly conditioner, combed through her wet hair with a super-wide-tooth comb then barely rinsed (once a week). In the mornings, we spritz her hair with water then add Aveda Be Curly curl activator. Aveda is ungodly expensive, but it lasts a while, smells nice, and I think is fairly ''natural.''

    Lately instead of the Aveda conditioner, we've been using Cantu shea butter leave-in conditioner, a product marketed for African American hair that we buy at Target (very inexpensive). It leaves her hair very soft and nice. I don't know how ''natural'' it is, but again, it's only going on her head once a week.

    Hi there- I would recommend the book Curly Girl- I have a daughter with RINGLETS and it was complete trauma for both of us to care for it-

    I bought the book then actually happened to go to the salon in NYC on a trip there and asked them detailed questions- I use their products- DevaCurl- No lather Shampoo (lots of chemicals that dries the hair- DRY = FRIZZY, MOIST = CURLY) then conditioner and then brush it and leave it..

    then, each morning, I spray her hair with water and put a little conditioner in my hands, with some water, and gently run it through and on her ringlets- this usually helps to keep it under control until the next brushing- 5-7 days later-

    She's 4, so when she gets older, she can do this herself with her fingers and will not need a brush believe it or not! deirdre

    Our daughter also has curly, dry hair. We used California Baby until we realized it simply did not cut it. So switched to Carole's Daughter - a natural brand they sell at Sephora. Ouidad is supposed to be fabulous as well, but not natural. The Carole's Daughter is fabulous. In fact, I have switched to it as well.

    We have the Black Vanilla shampoo and conditioner, the hair honey and hair milk (which I would say is optional). Like others will no doubt recommend, we only shampoo her hair once a week, though condition it every time she takes a bath, We also put in the Hair Milk after the bath as a leave-in conditioner. Each morning (she takes her baths every other night), we use a spray bottle to wet her hair every morning, massage some Hair Honey into it and comb it through.

    The new routine has totally transformed her hair. Good luck! anon

    Curly-haired toddler help!

    July 2008

    I am a straight-haired dad. My 19 month old daughter has curly hair. (we're caucasian, btw -- I read in the archives that this makes a difference in advice/products.) I would really appreciate some advice or guidance on washing, combing, and styling. The problem I seem to be running into is that I'll wash her hair with kids' shampoo, and then try to comb it when it's still wet -- seems to go better then. I have tried when it's dry, and it's more difficult. I have tried a Burt's Bees conditioner, but it didn't seem very effective. Any tips or tricks? Anything that I could do differently that would make this easier and painless for both of us? And anybody have some ''all-natural'' (meaning non-chemical) solutions? I am not entirely opposed to using the chemicals, but I would really prefer an all-natural solution if at all possible. Thanks! kevin

    My children are half Filipino, half Caucasian and both have inherited their Mom's thick, and their father's curly, hair. I too have suffered through tear-filled evening hair brushing sessions. At bathtime, we've recently switched to a tear-free shampoo + comditioner from Suave. It leaves the kids' hair easy enough to brush through for 24 hours. After that, I highly recommend one of the many spray-on ''detangler'' products from Johnson & Johnson (or others, in generic form), for making the combing/brushing easier. Good luck, A Mom anon
    I was the curly-haired child of straight-haired parents. I didn't know how to deal with my hair until I was almost an adult and it caused a huge amount of frustration in my life. Your daughter is lucky that you're seeking advice at this early stage.

    Curly hair is dry hair to varying degrees, and you have to treat it as such. Shampoo alone is going to make things worse and make it difficult to comb through. You have to condition hair after washing it. There are several nice natural products on the market that are also unscented, we use JASON unscented at our house - it's free of phthalates, parabens, petroleum products, sodium lauryl sulfates, etc... And it's relatively inexpensive and available at Whole Foods, Elephant Pharm, etc...

    Additionally, or, subtractionally, curly hair does not need to be washed as frequently as straight. It doesn't get oily quickly, and washing strips it of its natural oils. It might get frizzy overnight, but if you simply wet the hair, or even just rinse and condition it will refresh the curl. Honestly, 1- 2x a week should be fine for a shampoo.

    As for combing... go easy. I don't use any combs or brushes on my hair when I'm leaving it curly. I add a leave-in conditioner, and run my fingers through it. I'm not going to recommend leave-in products for a small child, I think all skin and hair care products should be kept to a minimum. If you run your fingers up under her hair around the base of her scalp you can wiggle your fingers in to the hair and run them gently through to remove tangles. Don't ever pull!!

    Those are the basics. If you want more information, there's a website called it's geared toward adults, but there's a lot of good information on there! Curly Girl

    My daughter and I both have curly hair. She is 6 and has long hair.

    California Baby makes some good products - leave-in conditioner, spray detangler - it's expensive; they sell it at Whole Foods. It smells good.

    I would recommend only combing or brushing when hair is wet. Don't even try to comb it dry or you will just make more knots and elicit tears. I don't even bother combing my daughter's hair, unless she wants ponytails or braids. We only wash her hair once a week and that seems to be enough.

    I think kids with curly hair can get away with messy hair. curly haired mom

    We've got a curly-top, too, and have had great success with California Baby products. They are all natural, totally organic, and they have this awesome leave-in conditioner that smells really nice & subtle. After we wash our daughter's hair, we put on the conditioner, comb it through and just leave it in. Works really well. You can order California Kids online at or most baby/kid stores, or find it in natural foods markets (probably Whole Foods, too). Good luck! Curls are beautiful! Lora
    I am also a straight-haired parent of a curly-haired kid and had to learn a lot. I would suggest a book called Curly Girl. It's embarassing that i have a book about my daughter's hair, but it really helped. But here is what I have found:

    Only wash when absolutely necessary (never more than once every week or two). I know this is counter-intuitive with a toddler because of all the gunk in their hair but shampoo is super drying to curly hair and makes it a lot harder to handle. I will sometimes ''wash'' my daughter's hair with conditioner to get stuff out of it (sand or dirt, etc.). But I use shampoo once a month at the most, and often less than that.

    Once hair is wet in the bath or shower, put TONS of conditioner on it. You really can't use enough. Two conditioners I alternate using are: Modern Organic Products (MOP) Leave-In Conditioner, and Pantene Conditioner (just their regular kind, nothing special). MOP is found at beauty supply stores (the one in Montclair carries it), and Pantene is found at the drugstore. The MOP product is good, but requires more combing. it has no chemicals and little smell, but my daughter has to be in the mood for more combing. The Pantene stuff smells perfume- y which i don't like, but combing it is a breeze when its in there so i use it every so often to give us a break. Pantene you have to rinse out, which has its own complications with toddlers, so MOP is better if you have a hard time rinsing bc of your daughter's age.

    ALWAYS Comb hair with the conditioner in there, and if the hair is knotty--add more conditioner! Buy a super wide-tooth comb (also at the Beauty supply store). It is the ONLY way to comb curly hair!

    Lastly, you can use Curl Conscious by Bumble & Bumble once you are done w/ the bath. It makes the curls really healthy and bouncy and they look great. It's expsensive, I think, and not really necessary, but i have found it makes a difference. A few other tips: never brush curly hair, just throw your brushes away! Only comb with a wide-tooth comb and only when hair is super wet and dripping with conditioner. Don't rub w/ a towel to dry. Just squeeze it gently in a towel and then let it air-dry.

    It sounds like a lot--but with 2 conditioners, the right comb, and the styling cream we are all set. That's all i can think of for now, please email me if you'd like to. jabsey

    have you tried conditioner? you could buy detangler or special ''leave in'' conditioner, but I prefer (and it's much cheaper) to simply leave in a bit of whatever your regular conditioner is after you wash her hair. then comb it when it's wet. Don't blow dry, just let her hair air dry or you get frizz, brittle hair and tangles. YOu didn't say if she has long or short hair, but if it's relatively short then I'd comb it only when wet. If it's long, well that's a bit more complicated. Get a really wide tooth comb (I mean like a 70's ''hair pick'' from longs or wallgreens ) for combing when hair is dry and only comb gently to get tangles out. try to keep her in pony or pigtails with soft hairties to avoid dreadlocks :-)

    My older son *hates* combing his hair so I tell him--cut it or comb it. I'd love for him to have longer hair but he prefers the ''cut it'' method. Good luck! family of curlies

    I am caucasian with very curly long hair too, and I also had a hard time as a kid, with huge tangles that my parents had to cut out of my hair. About a year ago I began to follow the advice from a book called ''curly girl''. The book is pretty fluffy, but it has a lot of pictures and your daughter might like it. I can sum up the essenital advice here: don't use shampoo, don't comb, do wash with conditioner only, and finger-comb hair while it is wet and covered with conditioner. Then I towel-dry gently, without messing it up, then add a little hair gel. (Your daughter might not need hair gel since she's just a kid.) The longer I follow this plan, the more smooth and less frizzy my hair becomes. Once in awhile I use shampoo or a wide-tooth comb--in the shower only. But mostly I wash with just conditioner and comb with just my fingers. I massage the conditioner into my scalp as if it were shampoo, then finger comb, then rinse, then add a little more conditioner and let the shower fall over my hair for a little while to smooth it out, without mussing it up with my fingers. This keeps the hair smooth and silky and keeps it clumped into big curls instead of fluffed into tangly frizz. Any conditioner will do, so just use the one you like best or the cheapest one. Since I need to use unscented products and for some reason they cost more than scented ones, I found a source for making my own unscented conditioner. It comes out to about 10 cents/bottle. I order conditioner pellets from a website, then I mix one tablespoon of pellets with two cups of boiling water in a metal bowl and whisk it until it's smooth, then let it cool and pour it into a squeeze bottle. It is very simple, with only a few ingredients and none of them are irritating or allergy-causing. You can order these granules from a website called ''Wholesale Supplies Plus'' or just do a web search for ''Crafter's Choice Hair Conditioner Concentrate''. The ingredients are: Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Stearalkonium Chloride, Dimethyl Stearamine, Lactic Acid. For unscented gel, I use Magik Botanicals gel from Whole Foods or Rainbow Grocery. good luck
    I have a curly haired girl who is 5. I recommend the book ''Curly Girl'' and that you go to Curls has great products, all natural, for kids (Curly Q) and adults.

    You do not need to shampoo curly hair very often. Curly hair is dry hair, it will never get ''greasy'' the way straight hair does after just a few days. I use a cleansing shampoo from Curls maybe once a month just to remove any product build up. I use really good conditioners and conditioning products every day - this is the key, you really can't condition curly hair too much, the hair will literally suck up the moisture because it needs it, especially in the summer when the hair gets even more dry from sun and swimming (do get a shampoo that removes chlorine from the hair for after swimming - chlorine is terrible for curly hair). Curls makes a great product for kids called Moist Curls which you can use for everyday brushing of the hair when it is dry, like in the morning. Never brush or comb curly hair when it is dry, this will just produce frizz. Coat dry hair with Moist Curls (try to avoid using a lot of water when brushing because water is a drying agent, but I do use a spray bottle on the ends)and brush from the ends to the scalp with a wide tooth comb or brush. I have a little brush I like that works better than a comb for me. When the hair is all brushed I add a leave in conditioner which is the same conditioner I use in the bath. It is very expensive but worth every penny, it is called WEN - - and it has made my daughter's hair so easy to brush it is almost efortless. It helps to have your daughter sleep in braids to make morning hair care easier, but girls have minds of their own. My daughter refuses to wear braids or pony tails at all, ever. She wants her hair down every day and I can't say I blame her. Her hair is really beautiful and she gets compliments every day, it makes her feel good. As long as she is willing to tolerate the brushing, which isn't bad at all thanks to the WEN conditioner, and cooperates I don't mind doing it. I consider it a labor of love and we have some good conversations during hair brushing.

    By the way, the longer the hair gets the easier it is to brush, which seems counterintuitive, but the weight of the hair keeps it from getting tangled - the opposite of what happends to straight hair when it gets longer. Happy brushing! Brooke

    I'm an adult with very curly and tangly hair, and I've recently found the best detangler that I've ever tried. It's called Frehair by Mastey. I use it when I shampoo, and I also use it in the mornings when I need to detangle my bed head- I dampen my hair a bit, rub a small amount on my palms, and spread it through my hair.

    If you can't find it for sale in the store, you can buy it from Jennifer Archbold, a haircutter in Albany, 526-1073. It's not cheap, but for my problem hair it's been a real blessing, and you don't have to use a lot of it for it to work. Jennifer is very particular about the products she sells, and stays as close to natural ingredients as possible.

    I've also tried Paul Mitchell's Taming Spray for Kids, which helped some but not nearly as much as Frehair. A problem with it is that it has alcohol in it, which is drying to hair, which doesn't help curly hair in the long run. Cece

    I have a daughter with curly hair. I had to learn how to manage her curls and let them be natural. Some of the product I use, although not sure if they are natural, are Be Curly by Aveda, Mixed Chics, Curlz, and Jessie Curls. It took me about three years to figure it out. Madsmom
    I have curly hair, and how well I remember getting my hair brushed! How much it hurt, all the tears.... Curly hair tends to be dry, so don't wash it too often, or if you do, use a conditioner too. And definitely use a leave-in conditioner or some sort of spray-on detangler. When I was a kid it was No More Tangles, now I use l'Anza leave-in conditioner. This makes my hair much more lubed up and able to run a comb through it. Next, I use a wide-toothed comb, not a brush, and I start from the bottom and work my way up, in sections. Hope this helps! Talia
    We have a blond very curly top (only one of three to have this beautiful hair). I use kid shampoo and kid conditioner and wide-tooth comb it while the conditioner is in her hair. Use conditioner before going swimming. Don't wash it very often. Sometimes I just cut out the knots, but they usually come out with conditioner/combing. Good Luck
    My 6 year old cousin sounds like she has the same hair as your daughter - caucasian and very curly. The best way to manage her hair is to follow the advice of Lorraine Massey's book, ''Curly Girl'' (available on Basically, you never wash her hair with shampoo - use conditioner only. Never use a blow dryer, and I think she uses a special hairbush. Spray-in conditioner is also a big help. I thought this regimen sounded crazy (no shampoo?) but it really works and her hair always looks cute. Hope this helps. anon
    I've had good results with olive oil. After a shampoo, I work a few handfuls of olive oil through my daughter's hair, and comb it with my fingers, working out the knots. It makes her hair look a little wet for a couple of hours, and then soaks right in, making it much softer than if I only used conditioner. It prevents new knots and makes the old ones much easier to get out. There are often still a couple of knots that won't come out, and I snip those out with scissors. She still has plenty of beautiful curly hair. Good luck! Mary
    I'm the straight-haired mom of a curly-haired daughter. I had to learn to cope with her curls too. Here's what I do.

    1)I only comb her hair when it's wet, after applying a leave-in conditioner (I like Neutrogena Triple Moisture, but I'm not sure what you mean by ''chemical.'')

    2) never comb the hair when it's dry. If it's a non-hairwashing day, I just spray her hair with water and work the water into her curls with my fingertips. The curls re-form beautifully with no combing.

    3) trim just the very ends about every 6 months. The frizzy ends are what lead to tangles.

    I highly recommend the book ''Curly Girl'' for learning how to deal with curly hair. I found it on Amazon and I follow its advice almost literally. Rosemary's mom

    I am sure you will get MANY responses to your post. I am a white curly haired mom. My oldest had curly hair that is now straight (I hope she goes curly again at some point!) but while it was curly I will tell you what I did.

    1. condition condition condition! There are plenty of kids conditioners out there, so try a few. when she was little I would quickly shampoo in the tub, and then lather on the conditioner and let it sit, for AWHILE while she played, I washed the rest of her, etc. At least 10 minutes. Then rinse it out.

    2. definitely comb wet (when she is older and can take care of her own hair she probably won't brush or comb it at all - I never do). use a wide toothed comb or a pick, rather than a fine toothed comb;

    3. paul mitchell makes a good kids de-tangler. I have no idea how free of toxins or parabens or all of that other stuff it is, but it works; there are several detanglers out there too that you can try. mostly i find they are helpful for re-wetting the hair if you don't get to combing it out in time.

    hmm what else... -keep it as short as you can, the shorter the hair, the fewer the tangles!

    Hope that helps. curly mom

    Hi Dad of curly girl,

    Have no fear, taking care of curly hair is easier than you think. I've got mega curls and so does my son. Try any of the California Baby shampoos and conditioners - they are all natural. You can get them at Whole Foods or Berkeley Bowl. Wash your daughters hair every two or three days. Washing too often roughens up the hair cuticle and makes it dry and frizzy. After shampooing, use a good amount of conditioner and leave it in her hair while you comb through with a very wide toothed comb or just use your fingers. Rinse, but not all the way, leave a little conditioner in there because curly hair tends to be much drier than straight. Use a towel to gently squeeze out the water from her hair. Don't rub the towel like drying off a wet dog, that creates tangles and super frizz. Let her hair air dry, which means planning the bath earlier that night. In the morning all you have to do is spritz it with a little water from a mist bottle, like the kind you use on plants, to revive the curl, then leave it alone. Check out a great book called ''Curly Girl'' by Lorraine Massey - she gives excellent advice on how to care for and appreciate natural curls as well as recipes for homemade hair potions that are easy to make. Your daughter will be amazed at the wonderful photos of so many beautiful curly girls just like her. Good luck- you can do it! Venus

    You should wash it with a good conditioning shampoo and then condition it with a moisturizing conditioner. Leave a little conditioner in her hair to make it easy to comb. Part it down the middle and make other small parts and put some grease on the scalp and a little on the hair itself. VO5 makes a good light grease for dry hair that I use on my hair (I'm biracial) and on my African American son's hair. Vitapoint is also a good conditioning grease for the scalp and hair. Lastly, there are many good African American beauty shops that you can take her to that will do natural hair for about $40-$50. This is something that most African American little girls do today (rich and poor)at least on a monthly basis - it is extremely good for self-esteem. They can wash it, condition it and put the hair in appropriate little girl styles. This also makes it easier for you to handle. If you would like more info please feel free to email me and I can refer you to some appropriate shops.

    Daughter of a white mother who became an expert at doing her three ''curly'' headed daughters hair. Have fun with it. fuller

    We use regular shampoo on our curly haired 6 y.o. Then use leave-in conditioner (we use m.o.p., but I'm sure there are many kinds) and blow dry her hair. In the morning, I use detangler spray (Paul Mitchell) to help while combing. The morning detangling is a bit of a struggle, but the detangler definitely helps. Good luck! Peri
    We favor all-natural products, and use Burt Bees shampoo/body wash, but nothing takes the tangles out and keeps the frizz out like Pantene Conditioner. I also braid her hair before bed when it's damp or if it's pretty snarl-free at that time.

    As for detangling dry hair, this is what works for us:

    1) Get Circle of Friends Abebi's Safari detangler -- this is a made-for-kids product and although the smell is a bit fruity to my taste it's a miracle product on those brutal end-of-hair snarls. Also, reactivates when sprayed with water, and doesn't leave a sticky residue.

    2) Stand your daughter at the mirror with something to occupy her (her lovey or colored hair bands usually work) and a hair clip/claw and a brush or wide-toothed comb at hand. Spray hair thoroughly with water, then a light spray of detangler. Taking hair in sections (from one side of front around head to the other), brush carefully starting at the bottom and holding the top with your other hand to prevent pulling on her sensitive roots. If the snarl is particularly bad, separate smaller sections with fingers, then brush. Add water as needed, more detangler as necessary. Place brushed sections in the clip/claw and keep moving as quickly as possible.

    3) Have her hand you her favored winning hair ties/barettes/clips, you're done!

    This takes about 10 minutes every morning, I spray before teeth brushing and detangle after so the water can penetrate the hair a bit. I understand why my mom kept our hair short... but I can't bear to. Good luck! Mom to a Curly Girl

    I have been using the Aveda products for curly hair which work great. Only problem is making sure you don't let the soap get in her eyes. You can also use the curly shampoo, then a leave- in conditioner. Get a REALLY WIDE toothed comb, and comb her hair out while she is still in the tub, playing with toys, and not paying attention that you are trying to comb her hair out. Once they get out of the tub, every tiny snag is a big production! Don't wash her hair every day. It will just get dried out and frizzy. Basically, her hair needs moisture, not squeaky clean. Unfortunately I have not found the California Babies products to be helpful, so switched to Aveda. Mom of Curly Top
    I have curly hair that varies between waves and corkscrews and tangles easily at the ends, and my hair is also fine so it breaks easily.

    I finally learned the best (only) way to deal with it. Get your daughter a very gentle, moistuizing shampoo, one of the natural/organic brands that doesn't have a lot of harsh chemicals. My best so far is California Baby shampoo and bodywash -- I actually use it to clean my face because it is so pure compared to other things. Long's has it.

    After you wash her hair (only every couple of days unless it gets really dirty) use a conditioner. After you mush around the conditioner on her hair, run a fine-tooth comb through it. It helps get the conditioner through all the strands and gets the tangles out.

    Then gently rinse her hair and pat -- don't rub -- it dry with a towel. The gently comb her hair with a wider tooth comb. If her hair is really tangly by nature, you can also use a lightweight leave-in conditioner. I use Giovanni's or Gianni's or something like that. It's also a more natural one and I think you can even find it at Safeway. Just squeeze a little bit onto you fingers, pat it through the ends of her hair and then comb it through once or twice.

    Then don't touch her hair! Don't comb or brush it anymore from that point.

    This sounds strange to give this woman's magazine-style advice for a toddler! But yanking a comb through her hair is not fun for anybody, as you know, and this should keep her curly and sweet. Curly Girl

    In my experience, shampoo makes curly hair frizzy and difficult to comb. My hair has been much happier since I quit using it so much. I usually wash my hair with conditioner instead. I know that sounds funny, but it works great. And no, my hair is never greasy or dirty looking.

    There's a great book on caring for curly hair. It's called Curly Girl and you can find a copy at the Berkeley Main Library. She also recommends washing with conditioner only. Smooth curls

    My child also has curly, sometimes unruly hair. What did the trick for us was a 2 step process.

    1.Get some good products.I personally prefer ''The Original Little Sprout'' products available on line ( They are all natural and last a long time . Since curly hair tends to be drier, we got a moisturizing shampoo. We also got a deep conditioner and an after the bath styling aid.

    2.Here is our routine: Wash and rinse her hair. Then condition. While the conditioner is in, comb through hair. Rinse out conditioner. After bath we apply the Original Little sprout product called ''curl calmer'' and comb through again. It is like a lotion, not sticky.

    Hair is frizz free, silky ,soft, and still full of beautiful curls. Sometimes if morning styling is particularly difficult we will spritz her hair with water and Miracle Detangling spray and sort of ''scrunch'' her hair into a style. Comb with a WIDE TOOTH comb. NEVER brush curly hair. Cute clips are always good too. Good luck with your little Shirley Temple!! -A curly household

    I have curly hair and had a white girl afro as a kid. The best thing to do is to only comb it, never brush it, and only when it is wet, never dry. Let her hair grow long - it gives the hair weight and pulls it down. I love my hair now and do almost nothing with it, but I hated it as a child because it was always all frizzy from being brushed. I like using Aveda's Be Curly product line, especially the leave in stuff to help control the curls. Curly Girl

    Curly Hair Products

    June 2008

    I have pretty thick spiral curls that have gotten more wavy over the years. I find that if I use the right product they are more curly and not so frizzy. I'm wondering what products other curly/wavy hair ladies use. Right now I use Pantene, and it doesn't seem to be doing anything for my hair. What shampoos/conditioners do you use? And what about styling products with a diffuser? Also, if anyone has a good stylist/haircut recommendation for this type of hair somewhere on the peninsula, I'd love to hear! Thanks for the hair help! Hair Trouble

    I recommend Phyto specific product which they are made specificly for curly hair.This product is from France and is maid from plants and is all botanical.It works perfectly on my curly hair and i use the #1 shampoo&conditioner.For styling my hair i also use the styling product from the same line. I buy it from La Nana salon on Solano Ave in Berkeley. Sharon
    Check out They are a product line desined only for curly hair. It can be a little pricey, but I think they are fabulous! Good Luck - mother of a curly head
    My stylist uses TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier. They have other curly hair products. You could try that. Rebecca
    Go to I LOVE their products for curly hair. The Climate Control is unbelievable to translate my frizzy hair into curly hair. Only problem is I'm now completely addicted and can't use anything else. no longer frizzy curly girl
    I have very thick, curly hair and I use Halo shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. It’s a bit expensive ($18 a bottle) but my mom is a stylist so we buy it in bulk. Then I put a little Halo curl enhancing crème (if I’m feeling a very frizzy day coming on I mix the curling cream with a squirt of hair serum). I comb that through my damp hair. Finally I use a gel, Making waves by Graham Webb and scrunch. Finally I dry it just a bit with the diffuser. Sounds complicated but it all takes less than 15 minutes including the blow drying. I have to say I also John Frieda’s “Frizz-ease” line for curly hair that you can just pick up at target when I’m feeling poor or if I’m showering at the gym. When I go through my Halo shampoo/condition I alternate with Jon Frieda. I use the shampoo/conditioner, hair serum and just tried the gel (I have up until now been willing to buy inexpensive versions of everything except by Making Waves gel) and think the gel is fine too. If you are only going to try one of the things I have suggested, I it must be the Halo curl enhancing crème. You can get it at a Pure Beauty and I think you’ll be pleased. anon
    I highly recommend the book Curly Girl (Lorraine Massey - ) for hair product recommendation and hair care info. The hair care info may sound odd and unconventional but I guarantee it has worked wonders for me. I also recommend Cindy at Hair Associates in Lafayette (925-283-4247). She is amazing and truly understands and respects curly hair. coscia

    Looking for suggestions to tame my frizzy hair

    June 2004

    This may sound really silly, but I am tired of wasting money trying every single product on the market to tame my frizzy, wavy hair. I would like something light, that would make my hair shiny, soft, manageable. If anybody has a good suggestion, please share it with me! Thanks Lis

    We are the Frizz Family. I spend a lot on my daughters' hair! The best products I have found are REDKEN ''Smooth Down'' Shampoo and Conditioner (everyday) and REDKEN ''Smooth Down'' Butter treatment (not for everyday). I get those products at some Beauty Store near ROSS in Emeryville. THEN we use a goop (for lack of a better word) called ''Repair and Shine'' that I've only been able to find at Narcissus on Telegraph. Carrie
    I used to use repair and shine for my frizzy hair which I bought at BG Haircuts at Hilltop Plaza in Richmond. It left me with no friz, smooth and silky manageable hair. It smells good. I don't use it anymore because my boyfriend has multiple chemical sensitivity and can not be around fragrances. If anyone knows of a fragrance free friz control product please let me know. Now, I use blow dryer and if I really want it to be manageable I leave my conditioner in my hair and blow dry. Rachele
    My frizzy hair has finally been tamed with Keihl's Shine N Lite. You can find it at Nordstroms, its great and I've tried everything! Rebecca
    I recommend The Cream by Paul Mitchell. Available most places that sell Paul Mitchell products. Only problem is it flakes so you might look like you have dandruf unless you brush your shoulders off. However, I have found this problem with each and every product I have used to tame my also very frizzy hair (hair like steel wool). Maybe it's because I spread the products on pretty thick. Good luck. Interested to see what other recommendations you get. Amy
    A friend of mine w/ very very frizzy hair did an elaborate heat treatment of some sort, which took several hours and cost several hundred dollars, and lasts a couple of months. Her hair looks great. Not ramrod straight, but very relaxed & natural looking. She went someplace in SF. But you have to be pretty motivated to spend the time and $. anon
    Have you tried a flatiron? We got one on E-Bay for $35. If making your hair straighter, smoother and shinier is what you're after, this is a very good bet. Former frizzy
    I had the same problem. BUT I discovered a book called '' Curly Girls'', it's published by Workman. It been revolutionary for me! It gives a whole program about how to first accept and love your curly hair, then how to take care of it. I don't wash it with shampoo anymore as that strips it of it's oils, makes it dry and frizzy. I use a lot of good conditioner for the washing part and for the detangling part. I NEVER brush my hair. In fact I don't touch it until it dries. I get the knots out with my fingers in the shower when there's a lot of conditioner in it. I put the same conditioner on it after I lightly towel dry. I don't wash it that ofter, maybe once a week. After trying MANY conditioners, the one I seem to go back to is Giovanni's Smooth as Silk. Check out this book. You'll love it! anon
    I've got very fine, frizzy, curly hair, and I've spent many, many years trying to find the best products ... which I finally found this year! My favorite is Joice I.C.E. Whip Mousse. It turns my hair into ringlets! It has a pretty firm hold If you want something a little lighter, go for Redken Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk. I can't use that when my hair gets longer, but it's a fantastic anti-frizz product that is getting a lot of buzz from curly haired people right now. Both of these come in trial or small sizes. Lisa
    You don't mention your ethnicity and that can make a difference. As a frizzy haired gal, I recommend John Freida's Frizz Ease conditioner. I use that with a little Aveda (the ultra rich stuff in the tube) and I get waves, not frizz. I think, however, that product that you apply after showering is just as useful. Pretty much anything with silica helps. Elizabeth
    I use a combination of things: Joico Altima conditioner, which I leave in, even though the packaging no longer says it's a leave-in; Paul Mitchell styling gel (not really a gel, more of a watery liquid), and KMS curl-up gel or spray. Each one does something different; it's the combination that does the trick. Oh yes -- and I use ''Smoother'' shampoo, but I can't remember what company makes it. Lauren
    Curly hair is a mixed blessing, isn't it? So pretty when it looks good, but so much work! Anyway, I have long curly ringlets, and I am currently loving KMS Curl Up Control Creme. It's medium hold, soft, smells great but not too strong. (The package rates it a 2.5 out of five for hold and a 3 for shine.) I use it over a leave-in conditioner -- right now it's Paul Mitchell The Cream, but I've tried several and they're all pretty good. I buy both at the beauty supply store on Solano at Colusa. I also like the Jessicurl line, available at or at Rockridge Beauty Supply. It's all natural and very gentle. Make sure you're not contributing to the frizziness: condition as much as your hair will take, never brush, try not to blow dry or heat style (use a diffuser if you must blow dry), and keep your hands out of your hair, especially while it's drying. I recommend the boards at for hair tips. Good luck! Catherine
    I've had great results with pantene shampoo/conditioner (a 2 in 1) hydrating curls shampoo. My hair tends to get bushy but that shampoo/conditioner helps it become wavy instead. Also my haircut from Lee @ Snipps (yes, it is a kid's salon but he does adults also), 5335 college ave, 547-7277 helps the hair fall into place. pat
    Try Sebastian's Potion No.9. I brush my hair out, wash and condition it, and then towel dry it. Then I bend over so my hair hangs down toward the floor, and rub about a teaspoon or two of the orange gel into my hair, starting at the tips and working toward the roots, but never on the roots or the hair goes flat. Also, be sure to get the hairs that will be in the center, which will end up on top of your head and be most visible when you stand upright. Let the hair air-dry--blowdryers are a nightmare for frizzies. Good luck. elizabeth
    My hair got really weird after the birth of my second child. Very frizzy. I lived with it for a while, but finally my sister saw me and strongly suggested that I try ''product''. You didn't say what products you have tried already, but here are my suggestions. A bit of Biolage Gelee (Supercuts carries it) on still damp towel-dried hair helps the hair find the curl out of the frizz. However, I find it to dry stiff, which can be softened by scrunching it. I usually use a leave-in conditioner (Paul Mitchell), also just a bit. For both, put it on still- moist hair. You can comb it through or not, but the last thing you do is scrunch it. Frizz today, curl tomorrow
    For frizzy hair, how you handle your hair may be more important than what you put on it. I highly recommend you read Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. In it she recommends ways of cleansing, conditioning, styling, drying and cutting your hair if it has a wave or curl. I would experiment with her suggestions and see how they affect your hair. I never have bad hair days anymore. love my hair
    Hi, I have thick wiry hair that is frizzy if not blow dried or ironed.

    I have spent $$$ on hair care and one of the best products i found for hair is the Body Shop's Mango butter. Many of my friends also use it and love it for their hair (many different racial mixes - black/white, asian, persian)...long or short hair. it's very light - won't help w/ any styling needs but calms down the frizz and adds a nice shine.

    just put a little bit in your hands, rub and work through your hair. start with the tiniest bit and only add if you need more to prevent a greasy look or too much!

    also, i recently began ''deep conditioning'' w/ goldwell (it's in a gold tube w/ red cap and writing) once every 2 weeks or so and it has done wonders for my texture and frizz.

    Both are relatively inexpensive and not goopy or sticky like many hair care products out there.

    if you have short hair, try ''hair jam'' which is in the black hair care aisle - cheap and keeps hair looking smooth.

    good luck! smooth

    Stylist for wavy, frizzy hair in Oakland/Alameda

    May 2004

    Can anyone with wavy, frizzy and/or generally ''difficult'' hair recommend a stylist in Alameda or Oakland? My hair has been chemically straightened, which is a huge improvement, but I need someone new who can give me a good haircut to go along w/ it. Thanks! Jessica


  • Amethyst Salon Alameda
  • Images Hair Salon Alameda
  • Shine Forth Hair Salon Downtown Oakland
  • Studio One Piedmont Av

    Thick Wavy Hair

    Dec 2003

    My requirements for a stylist are as follows: Berkeley/Albany/Oakland area (I know excellent stylists in W.C. and SF but do not want to travel far), someone who does great color as well as cut, someone who is not daunted by thick, wavy, tree-bark texture hair. As well, price is not a consideration. Festoon is not an option for me. My hair thanks you, in adv
    Requesting straight, silky tresses next life around


  • Boziki's Salon Rockridge

    Haircut for Curly-haired teen

    July 2003

    My 13-year-old daughter has quite curly hair, and is interested in a cute, currently-stylish cut and style. Since the current trend seems to be stick-straight hair (just check the fashion magazines and hair-color boxes for proof), she can't find pictures with ideas for a good style. She does NOT want it straightened - just cut in an easy-care style that won't accentuate the curls too much, and does not look ''old-lady'' (that would by my age!). I'd like recommendations for a Berkeley area hair stylist who has done similar TEEN haircuts, and might have pictures for my daughter to peruse first. R.K.

    Recommendations received:

    I have a friend with curly hair, and she visits Festoon Salon in Berkeley (they also have a salon in SF). She is always very happy with her layered curls, and she varies between long and short hair. This friend in in her late twenties, and very hip, so I think that a teen will be pleased with this shop's work. Their phone is 415-421-3223.

    I have very curly hair myself and can empathsize with your daughter! I believe that it is very important to have some one cut this type of textured hair with some expertise. I found my stylist through a web site - naturally curly and from other curly girl recommendations. My stylist is Ron Lee and he cuts hair in SF at a salon called Elevation. He is pretty expensive (90 bucks) and booked up well in advance. Here's the web site for other recommendations curly girl

    I found the most wonderful products for curly hair made by a local woman, all natural and great prices. It's on line, called Jessicurl, and you will be supporting a great local business. Also, lots of other natural body and hair products. Finally,something a good price and natural that works! curly haired mom
    Check out this site for curly hair It includes a listing of stylists in each state that style curly hair, as well as reviews of hair care products. Lots of styling ideas, too. Julie

    Good Curly Hair Cut in East Bay

    Jan. 2003

    My friend and I are both looking for a new hairstylist. We have curly hair and agree that many stylists don't do a great job with curly hair. I like my stylist, but she's in Sacramento and I can't make the commute anymore. We both live in Montclair so we'd like to find someone either in Oakland or in Orinda or LaFayette. Of course, reasonable rates would be great, but skill and creativity are more important. We've looked over the older recommendations but given how stylists move around, we were hoping for more recent information. Thanks! Jennifer

    Recommendations received:

  • Jennifer Archbold W. Berkeley
  • Darin David Salon Berkeley
  • Henry Alexander Walnut Creek
  • Lynn Johnson Piedmont Av
  • Keter Salon Berkeley 4th St
  • Suite 102 Montclair
  • Z and S studio Downtown Berkeley

    Haircutters for Curly Hair


    I have very curly hair and I'm looking for a good stylist who knows how to handle this type of hair.

    Re: Haircutters for Curly Hair (2001)
    Recommendations received:

  • Elemental (2)
  • Festoon Salon
  • Peter Thomas
  • Right Angle
  • Vine Street Salon

    Haircut for curly-headed preschooler

    Sept 2008

    I looked in the archives and coulnd't find anything on who gives good haircuts for super curly kids hair. I have trimmed my daughter's hair a few times, but she needs a real cut. It can get pretty wrecked if someone doesn't know about corkscrew curls like she has--but i don't want to spend the money on a regular hairdresser who may know about curls but doesn't know how to work with kids. thanks Julie

    Try Stacy Curns at the Right Angle in Rockridge. She's really fast, which is important when dealing with kids and my 6 year old daughter (who has extremely curly ringlets) loved going to her. My daughter's hair is prone to tangle and Stacy managed to detangle it without a single tear in 2 minutes flat. Stacy fan
    Lin at Snippity Crickets on Solano does a fantastic job with all sorts of hair, including very curly. She's really good with kids too, my son has been going there since he was 2.5 yrs. anon

    4-year-old's curly, frizzy hair

    We're looking for help with a big problem: our 4-year-old daughter's hair. It's very thick and curly, and in some areas there's a thick frizz. It gets full of tangles and knots, so combing and washing it is stressful for all concerned. We use conditioner, and keeping it braided helps, too, but not enough. We'd like to avoid cutting it really short, because the length also makes it pretty and has become part of her unique charm. Does anyone know of a good hair specialist who's got experience with kids, who can advise us about this?
    You mentioned you use conditioner, but do you use the leave-in kind? That really works to help me keep my friz down ( I have very thick wavy/curly hair). It might help to decrease the tangles. Laurel
    you know, for any black (african) people braiding has always been a natural the solution for this. there is also the option of a perm, but for a little girl it doesn't seem appropriate.

    i would suggest you find a good hair braider. if you take this advise, avoid "shops"; they are extremely over-priced. look for a friend or neighbor or relative. if you need help, feel free to reply to me. i braid both my own hair (i am african american) and my daughter's (who is south asian).

    using oil or leave-in conditioners is also helpful for the frizz. i like one by keihl's of ny and another by aveda. i'll check the names of them and send you another message tomorrow. my sister-in-law (who is south asian) turned me on to coconut oil. it is good because, unlike petroleum based products, the hair stays cleaner and it's very inexpensive. you'll have to be sure to get the pure kind; you can find it at heath food stores- there is an excellent brand called "spectrum". my sister-in-law uses a brand called "parachute" which you can buy in the indian markets (on university).

    the right kind of brush is important too. i am still searching for the perfect one for my daughter. i'll let you know what i discover...

    good luck. Fatimah

    As for frizzy hair, I have thick, curly hair that gets frizzy a lot. I use a boar-hair bristle brush and blow dryer to smooth out the frizzies. There are a lot of products out there that help straighten hair and keep it from frizzing in wet weather. I've been pretty happy with them. The only negative aspect of this method is that it takes me about 1/2 hour to smooth out my hair, which I have to do every other day when I wash it. I agree with whoever recommended the leave-on conditioner as well. Alison
    Responding to frizzy,wavy hair. I too have curly, wavy, frizzy hair especially in cold wheather. I got tired of not being able to brush my hair out once it was dry so I got a permanent relaxer. I have done it about twice within the last 2 years. Now I can have the different styles I have wanted, however it is expensive. I have use a good defrizzer by Sebastian called lamantes gel or Sebastian Laminates "get is straitt." Another method I use to calm down the frizzes is to put my hair up wet let it dry,usually the next day and put hot big rollers to give it body. I usually only wash my hair twice a week to allow my hair to distribute its natural oils. You can get the hair products at any hair salon, it is expesive but a little bit goes a long way. I have a question on the African American woman who said to use braids is another way. I wonder if thick wavy hair would be a good candidate? Does your hair itch? and how long could I leave it in? Looking forward to hearing from you and other suggestions on frizzes. BMW
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