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The Cutaway (Oakland, CA)

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Oct 2007

Re: Stylish haircut for cheap guy?
Go see Jenny at the Cutaway on Piedmont Ave. (assuming she's still there). We moved out of the area over a year ago, but she was my stylist for nearly 10 years. I also have thick, wavy hair, and she did a fantastic job, way better than anyone else has ever done, including some of the $50+ places. Prices are less than $20, and even though it seems like a walk-in place, you can make appointments as well. Michael

Aug 2004

Re: Cheap Haircut
My wife and I have been going to Jenny at The Cutaway on Piedmont Ave. for years and years. They charge about $17, and she does a fantastic job. She could easily work in a salon that charged $50. They are generally a first-come first-served place, so be prepared to wait, especially on weekends. Sometimes they'll take appointments. Michael

Aug 2003 Re: Haircutter for men near Piedmont Av
The haircutters at The Cutaway on Piedmont Avenue are very good and you can't beat their prices either! cabernard

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