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Berkeley Hair Salon (Berkeley, CA)

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Jan 2007

Re: Cheap Men's Haircut
My husband went to Berkeley Hair Salon,1945 MLK Way (first block north of Univ.) 540-5889. The salon is run by a south asian lady who is very pleasant to talk. She did a good job on my husbands hair which is very short.She charges only $12!!! vidya

Re: Inexpensive Haircut for a Man (Nov 2001)
I'm not really in touch with hair-cutting prices, but my son just went to one who charges $10 ($10.99?) "and up" for men. My son is 8, and she did a really great job. I watched her cut the hair of a male adult while we waited, and she did a good job on him, too. Both these customers had straight hair--if your husband's hair is curly then I don't have the experience to say how well she'd do. I didn't get her name, but my impression was that she's the only person who works there. Berkeley Hair Salon, 1945 MLK Way (first block north of Univ.) 540-5889 Fran
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