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Attachment Disorder

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  • Therapist for Child with Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Support group nearby for parents of Attachment Disordered children?

    Support group nearby for parents of Attachment Disordered children?

    Aug 1999

    Does anyone know of a support group nearby for parents of Attachment Disordered children? This disorder is most found in adopted kids, but can also occur in children who have had major disruptions in (or neglect/abuse from) their caregivers in their first years of life. My adopted teen has been recently diagnosed and we want to share respite and information with similar families.

    Regarding attachment disordered adopted kids, I suggest you contact FAIR (Families Adopting in Response) 650-856-3513. They are an old time organization with an excellent newsletter and they run this type of support group. I believe that they have a group in the East Bay or SF. There is also a local therapist who specializes in adoption: Susan Love. -- Peggy
    Re: Attachment Disorder Resources... are you in contact with organization called PACT, that addresses issues for adopted chidlren of color? Only resource I know of via my work as teacher... but they might have link for you. Good luck. PACT Press, 3315 Sacramento St, Suite 239 SF, Ca. 94118... Litsky
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