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Adopting an Asian child

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Want to adopt an asian girl 0-2 years old

Oct 2002

I'm seeking some information on adopting an Asian girl between 0-2 years old. This would likely be an international adoption, but I am open to domestic or social services adoptions also.

I'd like to hear from adoptive parents what agencies you have used and what your recommendations/cautions might be regarding the agencies and the process in general. I would like to be able to choose an agency with some confidence as to their process, integrity and success. I have checked the webite recommendations also, but am hoping for some fresher input, perhaps specific to this situation! Thanks.

Currently, Kazakhstan is open and has Asian children available. Asian children are also available in Russia, and because they are less frequently requested I have heard that the process is fast (and sickeningly the fees may be reduced!). Cambodia is reportedly still open, but the program is having problems in the U.S. and I wouldn't personally recommend starting with them. I know people have successfully adopted from Nepal, but it's a more self-driven process than many. Depending on your ethnicity marriage status, and other factors, you may be eligible to adopt from Korea, Taiwan, or Japan, as well. Domestic Asian children are not commonly adoptable, but it does happen. There are many fine agencies out there doing international adoptions. Heartsent, BAAS, and AAO are all local and well- regarded. That's just a partial list. Good luck! Nancy
Other recommendations received:
  • Adopt International
  • Holt International Children's Services
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