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African Adoption

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October 2006

Hi. My husband and I are seriously considering adopting from Africa. We would probably adopt an infant. We would like to know how much it costs (at the end of the day) and what people's experiences have been. Thank you so much, Jenny

I have no personal experience adopting, but when I returned from the Peace Corps in West Africa I worked with this agency about possibly placing a child from my village. It's basically an amazing woman who adopted a boy in the 80s (one of the most incredible stories I've ever heard) and has since dedicated herself to placing African orphans in adoptive homes. When I worked with her 10 years ago the total cost was about $5,000. She worked mainly in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone but also in other countries. She is absolutely devoted to the kids she works with. kt
If you are interested in adopting from Ethiopia, there are a only a few accredited agencies in the US that you can work with. They work closely with the Ethiopian govt and follow strict ethical guidelines--I believe at this point that it is very hard to get an exit visa if you don't work with the accredited agencies.

There is Wide Horizons for Children out of MA (our agency); Adoption Advocates International in WA; Children's Home and Family Services out of MN; there may be one or two more. There are many wonderful children of all ages and both genders available for adoption, including infants and sibling groups.

Compared to other international adoption (China, Russia, Guatemala), it tends to be on the lower end, but it is not inexpensive. As there are not that many agencies you can check fees yourself pretty easily. As of 2005, I don't think it was easy to do it for less than $15k with travel, etc. Financial aid might be available from some agencies for ''waiting children'' adoption, but it is not extensive. There is local network for adoptive parents and children from Ethiopia on yahoo groups, ''bayethioadopt'' if you want more dialogue/information.
(2005) adoptive mom of 2 ethiopian children

I didn't see the orginal post, but I recall that right before our last trip to Africa, I had seen an amazing NYTimes story in July of 2005 on children who have been orphaned (mostly but not exclusively) by HIV-AIDS in Ethiopia. It includes info on the significant amount of adoption of these children by Americans, and when I blogged it, could be found at I found the article to be an amazing and very compelling news piece, including informative, macro, and personal aspects. Best of luck slg
Hi - I missed the original post (and only know that someone was seeking advice on African Adoptions), but my younger sister was adopted from Ethiopia. She came to the US when she was 6 and is now 21 (so it has been awhile), but I'd be more than happy to put you in touch with my parents if you'd like. Please feel free to email me if so. Emily
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