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Which newsletter should I post to?

Berkeley Parents Network > Help & Frequently Asked Questions > Which newsletter should I post to?

General Guidelines for Which Newsletter to Post to

* Teens has a separate mailing list from the other BPN newsletters.

Which Newsletter? By Topic

Topic Newsletter

Advice about parenting, relationships, careers, etc. Advice
Attorney Recommendations
Camps during summer & school breaks Schools, Preschools & Camps
Childcare - looking for or offering Childcare
Classes - looking for Recommendations
Classes - announcements Announcements
Daycare Center - looking for Childcare
Dentist Recommendations
Doctor Recommendations
Events - plays, concerts, fairs, etc. Announcements
Garage Sales Marketplace
House Repair & Renovation Recommendations
Housing - looking for or offering Marketplace
Housekeeper - looking for or recommending Recommendations
Housesitter - looking for or recommending Marketplace
How to ... Advice
Items for sale, trade, free Marketplace
Jobs Available Announcements
Lawyer Recommendations
Local Businesses - reviews Recommendations
Local Businesses - announcements Announcements
Medical condition - experience with Advice
Moms' Group (casual) Announcements
Moms' Group (fee-based) Recommendations
Moving - reviews of cities Recommendations
Nanny Childcare
Pet sitter, dog walker - looking for Recommendations
Playgroup Announcements
Preschool - looking for or recommending Schools, Preschools & Camps
Problems with kids, spouses, friends, neighbors Advice
Rummage Sales Marketplace
School & Preschool - looking for or recommending Schools, Preschools & Camps
School Fundraiser Entertainments Announcements "Events"
School Fundraiser Yard Sales Marketplace
School Info Night/Open House Schools, Preschools & Camps
School & Preschool Openings Schools, Preschools & Camps
Seeking Adults for rideshares, exercise, socializing, etc. Announcements
Seeking Donations for non-profit Marketplace
Seeking $$$ for non-profit sorry, not accepted
Summer Camps Schools, Preschools & Camps
Teenagers - problems, resources, etc. Teens
Therapists - looking for or recommending Recommendations
Travel - reviews of destinations Recommendations
Travel - how to Advice
Tutors - looking for or recommending Teens or Recommendations
Tutors - announcement about availability Tutors
Used clothes & toys Marketplace
Where to find a product Recommendations
Which product should I buy? Recommendations
Yard Sales Marketplace

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