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Letters to BPN: Mail We've Received

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This is a selection of the many "thank you" notes we've received over the year, both from BPN subscribers as well as people out on the internet who found our website.

February 2010 Just wanted to write and say thanks for moderating BPN. I am glad that it exists! At times I am sure that your work is thankless, and I didn't know how opinionated parents could be! But seriously, I am heading into my second year as a mom and BPN has helped me to allay many of my worries and thus enjoy my kid more. Thank you. R.
January 2010 thank you for all the resources from a Mom in New Hampshire I came across this site several years ago, probably when my son was 15. It has been a huge help. I often feel like the only parent that sets any curfews, expectations, or rules. It's nice to know I'm not alone. If I was more web savvy I'd try to set something up like this in NH.
December 2009 I just wanted to thank you for this website. I am an American mother living abroad and have benefitted tremendously from the wealth of REAL PARENTING information that I have found on your website. It's such a shame that I can't participate actively since I live well out of the Berkeley radius! Sarah
November 2009 I had been having a really hard time dealing with being a second time mum. I was losing my patience with my 3 year old for everything from being too loud around his sleeping brother to not bringing me something from another room that he has never even seen. I realised at the time of losing it that I was being unreasonable but could not hold my actions back, I was like Jekyl and Hyde and it had gotten so bad that when cuddling him I would have my hand on the back of his head and visualise ripping his hair out. I got to a point of smacking him and feeling relief and a desire to repeat it whereas before our second child I would feel horrible that I'd had to discipline him. Enough was enough and thinking I had postnatal depression went on a google search for my symptoms and ended up on one of your threads about a woman getting angry with her 6year old. I was overwhelmed by the amount of advice other mothers had given and felt that I wasn't alone but it was NOT acceptable to continue my path. I also realised that depression was not the right box - I was turning into a carbon copy of my mother who hit me so hard one day that my ear drum almost burst. I would probably have tried to put myself on anti-depressants or gone to the other extreme and carried on with my horrid behaviour had I not found your site. Instead I now have the site bookmarked and read over it whenever I feel like the line is getting closer. It's a daily battle but with support and good resources I am confident that I can break the cycle of abuse and raise respectful, loving and secure sons. THANK YOU from the bottom of a once broken and blackened heart! a mom in New Zealand
October 2009 Thanks so much for posting the information that you did about the tutoring scam! I live in Boston and ran into a VERY similar situation and went back and forth with several emails to the person whose child I was to tutor. After a little while I kind of figured out for myself why he kept insisting on paying me too much. I told him in my next email that I would NOT pay the nanny or anyone else until his check cleared and go figure I have not heard from him since. It was not until all of this was finished that I decided to google a "craigslist tutoring scam" and your link came up. I think it's really great that you made a post about this and I only wish I had seen it sooner so that I could have saved myself the time spent on pointless emails. At least I am grateful that I never went through with things and I really hope other people see this in the future too. Thanks for that post! Sincerely, Danielle
September 2009 Hi! Regarding your advice about congenital torticolis ... Just wanted to commend you on your compassionate work well done. I wish this information was available 54 years ago upon my birth. Yes parents must address this issue immediately. the trauma inflicted upon a child deformed is devastating as I have endured this my entire life. My parents being too poor and uneducated resulted in them not addressing the issue until I was 7 years of age a little to late to rectify any issues. My Mom said she was told by our doctor but the surgical risk was unacceptable to my Father. It took my Mom threatening to take me and leave back to her country before my father would sign for the operation at the age of seven. i never talked to him about it or my Mom whom is still alive don't want to hurt her. Any way thank you for allowing me to vent for the very first time in my entire life!! God bless you all and keep up the good work. D.
September 2009 I have been to your site a few times now for advice. I just finished reading about weaning a toddler from the bottle as i have been feeling VERY guilty about my 2 yo still drinking from the bottle. I appreciated reading about others who have been in the same spot we are. I loved all of the supportive posts. Helped me be more relaxed with her still drinking from the bottle. Thank you for the site and your time. Johanna
July 2009 Hi Berkeley Parents Network, I have to write to thank you for all the great information you have here! I found you through a Google search for breastfeeding information when I had my first baby and since then I've had so many more questions answered here. Thanks for all the kind, well informed and helpful advice posted here. Anna in Chicago
May 2009 Thank you so much for sharing all this advice to mothers across the country. I live in Massachusetts but repeatedly come back to your website for advice as I don't have a group of moms here with the same attitude towards breastfeeding, no-cry-it out, etc. I wish I lived in Berkelely. Thank you again!! Nathalie
May 2009 Just a note of thanks for the hard work here. I'm not local, but I've found so much wonderful advice and commiseration here! So often I've wanted just what you have here - well organized, articulate posts, with a variety of viewpoints, addressing various questions I've had while raising our first baby. I've found the content to babble ratio to be so high here. It's a delight to not have to wade past animated graphics of cutesy things, a dozen baby pictures, little butterflies which follow my cursor, etc. when it's 2am and the baby's going nuts and I'm looking for fresh ideas on what's worked for other people to settle her. I've spent plenty of years doing a lot of volunteer work, especially with websites, newsletters, and a lot of library work, and it's a usually thankless, time-consuming labor of love. So, just a thanks for all that! Your newsletter archives have helped keep me sane over this past 11 months. K.
April 2009 From: Department of Children & Family Services Oakland, California Dear Members of Berkeley Parents Network: Thank you for your generous amount of toys and clothes to the Alameda County Social Services Agency's Children's Assessment Center. Your generous contribution will help support the center and the children we serve. Again, we appreciate your kindness and say "Thank You" on behalf of the children and families of Alameda County Social Services Agency.
Feb 2009 Just wanted to say thanks for maintaining this site. Although I live in Ohio, everytime I've searched regarding a problem with my children over the last 5 years, your site almost always provides me with the best shared information. THANK YOU! Jen
Jan 2009 Thank you so much for this website! I can't count how many times the advices and recommendations that I found here had saved my sanity in parenting my now 3-year old daughter. Again, thank you so much for always being there for comfort and support to parents in the Bay Area. MN
Jan 2009 great resource you have!! i found VERY helpful info that other parents had written--my 3y/o just knocked out a tooth and i was mortified... great to read what your subscribers had to say. THANK YOU! Carrie
Oct 2008 I have to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you for creating the BPN. It has truly been a life saver to me during my three years as a mother! Since my daughter was born the BPN archives have been one of my most valued resources. It has helped me through many a mothering-crisis. Now that I've started a grad program at UCLA I've been able to join as a UC Families member - I'm thrilled. Here at UCLA there is a lack of parent resources for students. I am in the Information Sciences program, and am truly inspired by your network community. It is a touchstone in providing relevant, needed, social support to a wide, diverse community. In fact, I'm currently working on a paper that presents the BPN as a model for providing information solutions and valuable social resources within network culture. Thank you! The BPN is a service that truly makes a difference. Sincerely, Jeannie
Sept 2008 Hello, I am a Mom of two and live in NY. A far cry from Berkeley, I know! I came upon your site a couple of years ago when I had my first child and was practicing attachment parenting. I am now on maternity leave with my second, and still use your site as a resource. I just want to say that I find this site so unbelievably helpful. Words cannot say how happy I am to have found you. I cannot think of one issue or question that I have had, whether related to pregnancy, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, vaccines, etc. that has not been addressed here. Even if the posts are a few years old, it doesn't matter. Everything is so helpful! Thank you so much for keeping this forum. Even for those of us who are not in the 'commuting distance" to Berkeley CA, this is a tremendous resource! Best Regards, MI
Aug 2008 Thanks for running and maintaining this website. I am a fairly new mom and always refer to your website for why/what/how's. It is an incredible source of information. Priya
Aug 2008 i just unsubscribed from the parents of teens list -- my kids are 19 and 21 now, and i'm feeling dated -- but i wanted to let you know how helpful the list has been for us over many years. i'm so glad you put this forum together. the "worldwide parenting network" that is so fabulous when the kids are tiny tends to fall apart when they get hormonal and snarly and opinionated. and when they make the stupid choices that nearly everyone does, one time or another. it is also so much harder to have parent friends when the kids drift apart, or even when they just get older and are no longer interested in all-family-multi-family events. and in my opinion, that's when we need the other parents the most, to share stories and thoughts and experiences and leads. when i see inquiries about so many things -- skating, rock shows at the gilman, driving, drugs, high school stuff -- i keep wanting to respond, but my info is past the due date. they are all different, and this is such a volitile time in life for many kids [and parents]. keep up the good work! take care, kathy
July 2008 I was very pleased with the information I found on your site. I was looking at helpful ways to remove mildew from baby products. I'm glad I found suggestions from different people. Sylvia
June 2008 hello! i'm about 7 weeks pregnant (first time) and spotted today a little bit and freaked the heck out!!! my dr's appt isn't for another 2 weeks and they said to just wait unless it gets worse and everyone that i've talked to hasn't had anything to say that's eased my mind. i found your website and read the page that pertained to my issue and i feel such a calming peace now! i was really scared for a minute, but the ladies who have posted messages seem to all have gone thru my episode today, and i just feel very relieved. what i read was from 2005 and another from 2006. thank you for leaving these posts on there! i'd probably be a total wreck by now with your website. thank you so much! Sarah
April 2008 Re: postpartum hair loss Thank you for this website!! my baby is just 4 months old and i am releived to know i am so not the only one, but at the same time i hope it comes to a halt real soon!! Wish ther was a quick fix!! Ava
Feb 2008 I do not qualify as a member and my message may not get posted, but my family (me, hubby & 1 year old daughter) live in Texas (we hope to settle in Santa Barbara in a few years), and I just want to tell you that I regularly (read: weekly) consult your website. I have been doing so since before my daughter was born. I am eternally grateful for the thoughtful, loving and "thinking" parenting that is exemplified by the members of your site, and I only wish there were more sites like this in Texas and around the country. The Berkeley Parents Network is truly an anomaly, and all parents are lucky to have you, regardless of location. And at 38, it's delightful not to be the oldest mom of a baby in the group!!! Deepest thanks and gratitude, Angie in Texas
Jan 2008 I cannot thank all of the people who contribute to this letter. I was looking for a college counselor and I found some great information. Sincerely, Alina
Jan 2008 Dear BPN, This is a devout thank you to all the moderators who labor so hard to make the BPN the outstanding community resource that it is. I am very grateful for your hard work and wish all of the moderators and their families a healthy, happy New Year! Lisa
Jan 2008 I love your website. Haering different peoples' suggestions on feeding infant/toddlers is great. A few months ago I searched for ideas on feeding a 6 month old, and got your site. I just did it again. Thanks for the tips on providing healthy variety for my 9 month old. L.
Nov 2007 This site has had nearly every issue answered that I have had from day 1 of my pregnancy till now. My daughter is 29 months and I still look here before anywhere else. Keep up the good work. Mary in Rhode Island
Nov 2007 I was having unusual cramping and remembered I had an MRI done that showed an Ovarian cyst. I went to my doctor today, who referred me to get an ultrasound. Anyway, I googled unusual cramping and BAM, your newsletters on ovarian cysts came up, and now I feel much better, and realize it is pretty common. I know this problem is not much, but I just had to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!I am not a parent, but am so glad I found the information on BPN. Fondly, Jennifer
Nov 2007 Thanks very much for hosting this site! I live in Toronto, Canada. As a new father...found the topics (acid reflux) very helpful from other parents' experiences. Keep up the good work- it is helping lots of folks. Cheers, Z.
Oct 2007 i want to throw you yet another hearty thanks for all that you do. in my particular case (today) it has to do with my letter about moths and their attendant cycle w/ bugs and worms and the individual responses i have received so far, but even more so the excellent references from the archives which you provided. such a relief, such goddess-sends. honestly, how did we all get along before you and your wonderful supporting cast came along? props, much love, and all the good stuff you and your'n deserve and i do hope you get enough of it, as you should. d. avid reader and user, occasional (hopefully enough) contributor
Sept 2007 Thank you for sending me this information. Most of all thank you for providing the Berkeley community with the Parents network. It has been an invaluable tool for me and my family while going to school and living in Berkeley. I hope we will relocate back to Berkeley when my husband is finished with his military duty. J.
August 2007 Dear BPN I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your website the other day and have found many of the discussion lists to be extremely helpful. I am an older parent (41) of a seven month old daughter and my husband and I have been thinking a lot about whether or not to have a second child. The discussion lists gave us some insights into the pros and cons of having a second child soon after the first. Thanks for maintaining such an excellent resource for parents! D B
August 2007 As one of the new moms trying to set up childcare right now, I just wanted to thank you for bringing back the childcare digest a week early. Even with Craig's List as a standin, it just hasn't been the same! Looking forward to the newsletter with bated breath... Best wishes, G.
August 2007 You make me wish I had never moved from the Bay Area. Thanks for your site. Although I cannot join you, being in SoCal, I appreciate being able to peruse the e-mails from other parents and have benefitted from the advice I've found there in a big way. You do a great job. Keep up the good work. LB
August 2007 My sister in law has a similar problem, she is in her 18 week. Her baby's ultra sound shows cyst in the brain. She is of course very worried and has been crying for last two days. This article has helped me to boost her morale. Many thanks for this article. I have suggested her to keep hope. God bless. SD
July 2007 I am not a parent, nor do I live in Berkeley, but I have found your site to be a great source of advice for many things. Thank you, Carter
July 2007 And THANK YOU so much for doing the marketplace newsletter. It is such a great resource and the people I have dealt with have all been great. I haven't had as much luck with Craigslist unfortunately. So thanks for doing what you do to make BPN marketplace possible. K
July 2007 I have been a BPN subscriber for over six years now and want to thank you all for the amazing service you provide. As a first-time parent, I so much appreciated the advice and childcare digest. As a second-time mom, I have more to offer now in the way of advice & support and hope in some small way I give back to our wonderful community. Parenting is a daily challenge and joy. Thanks for walking alongside us all in our parenting journey. CG
June 2007 I live in Northern New Hampshire and therefore can not fully participate in your program, however the advice and information I have found has greatly eased my mind. My 3.5 year old son is in danger of loosing his spot at our local pre-school due to his newly aggressive and defiant behavior. The director there seems to think that something is wrong with him and that we should have a psychologist come in and do an evaluation on him to get him "extra help" to grow up. I was beginning to think that he needed to be changed to a home child care atmosphere with less structure and less focus on education, but after reading your comments from parents and advisors I realize that he is not unusual afterall. I have never known a child to shift behavior patterns as quickly as he did, but I see we are not alone, or crazy. I thank you for the service you provide and wish that we had something of the sort in my area. Thank you! AW
May 2007 Thanks so much for this wonderful newsletter! I read it faithfully during my kids' teen years- but they are now 19 and 26, doing great, and its time for me to move on! I work fulltime, but being a documentary filmmaker, I am always interested in keeping up with current issues relating to young people. They don't seem to change much! I am now doing a film project for UCSF about Latina teen moms, so I feel that I am very connected to some of the most pressing issues we are living with. Best, Lynn
April 2007 Berkeley Parent, I have found your website extremely helpful and wanted to thank you for your work in organizing and maintaining such a great resource for new parents like myself. I would love to join the network, but do not live within communting distance to Berkely. I have bookmarked the site and will continue to use it as my child grows. K. K. Eureka, California
April 2007 Hi there - I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and just wanted to comment on what an excellent site you have set up. I stumbled upon it by accident and now I regularly visit it when I am looking for information concerning my children. I really appreciate all the work you've put into the site and you should know it's the most helpful parenting advice website I've seen. Thank you! SD
April 2007 I just wanted to say thank you. I can not post because I do not live in/near Berkeley or even in California. But the message board regarding weaning and depression was invaluable to me today. Please pass this on to whomever may be managing that thread. Janet
April 2007 Hi - I just wanted to say thanks for putting the notice for my survey in your newsletter. I received a good number of responses, many with really thoughtful, substantive feedback. Thanks so much for your help on this. Best wishes, M. Dept. of Psychology Antioch University, Seattle
Feb 2007 A big thank you to you parents for doing such a great job. YOu have actually assisted me in determining how to respond to my 19-year-old daughter who gets $150. per month, but still ask me for everything from money to do her hair to money to buy her personal items. I asked her what do you do with your allowance and she has a difficulty in giving me a coherent answer. that was my answer and then reading your writings on the site. Thanks thanks Cleveland Sam
Feb 2007 Hi. I'm not from Berkeley, but actually Florida. I bumped into your site while doing a search on prenatal testing. I just had to tell you how GREAT your website is, and how glad I am to have been able to see some of the archived messages. I am a 38yo who had a possible finding on u/s and just did amnio last week. Reading through your posts on these topics has been very helpful. This is the most reasoned and intelligent online forum I have found! So, thank you to all you volunteers and I just wanted to let you know that you have touched someone all the way across the country! K.R.
Feb 2007 Thank you for your efforts! As a new parent, I have had many questions and concerns. I always find warm and informative answers on your forum. I am a dedicated nurser but during those occasional trying times I've needed support and the Berkeley Parents Network has always come through! Thanks so much! Mary from Northern Virginia
Feb 2007 Just a quick note of thanks for the many, many pages of solid advice on all things baby related. We appreciate the time and effort it must take you, and the contributors, to keep this site going. We're nowhere near Berkeley, (Greensboro, NC, actually) but my husband and I have found this site to be a life-saver on countless occasions since our son was born 10 months ago. Thank you, thank you! Regards, The Coopers
January 2007 My wife and I are completely head over heels about BPN - you utterly and totally rock! Thank you SO MUCH for your hard work. BPN has literally helped us (first time parents, under thirty) more than we can say. We love it. What we'd like to know is how to go about properly adding my wife's email to the subscription list. She was still pregnant when we first subscribed, and we had the time to read the lists together. Now that our daughter is nearly eight months old(!) our schedule has tightened considerably. I tend to read BPN stuff after everyone's in bed, but my wife feels like she's missing out. Rather than forward every newsletter to her, could we just add her separately to the list? Since we're already members, we didn't know if it was appropriate to sign her up on the new member page. Please advise! Thanks again for all the work you put into this. We (and a lot of others, obviously) really appreciate it. All the best, Daniel
January 2007 I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all you do to keep the BPN lists and website running! I think it all the time, get so much value out of the newsletters and the archive, and I really appreciate how much work it must be. Thanks so much! K.
January 2007 Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your website - although I live in the UK, I find you're one of the best places on the internet for sensible advice. Perhaps I should emigrate... Kathy, mother of Milly (nearly 2)
January 2007 You rock! Hi, I have seen your name on BPN for like 6 years now (my first born is now six). I think that you and all of the other people that volunteer their time for BPN are totally amazing, and I just want to give you props for all of the extra time and effort you take from your own life to do this service. I have gotten endless help from the Network, and refer all my friends and some of my clients to it. Thank you so much for your everlasting and heartfelt help. Keep up the good work!! TR, MS, RD La Clinica de la Raza - WIC
January 2007 Hi - I am a mom in Virginia - my daughter is currently a sophmore at the local high school, taking math analysis. She is an A+ student but just can't get the hang of this math! (She had a B but is not sure she'll have it on her final report card) I just wanted to tell you that after reading the comments made by other families whose children have also had problems with math analysis, we feel a lot better about her grade. The stories could have been written by us! She has been "stressing out" over her math (1:00 in the a.m. waking up and come to me crying that she just doesn't understand why she's having such a hard time with math)Well, this Tuesday is her final exam and I for one will be glad that this semester is over! She is studying hard all weekend, but after reading your site, realizes that she just needs to do her best. The world is not going to end! I know you have many emails to read - just wanted to thank you and all the others for helping us realize that there's more to life than math analysis! Kathy in Virginia
December 2006 Thank you for this great resource on fibroid surgery! I had been searching for information on what to expect during and after a myomectomy, and your Web site contained the answers to all of my questions and concerns! Thank you to you and your wonderful members for this fabulous resource! Best, J.
October 2006 I don't really have a message for you other than that I admire your taking the time and efforts to work on the BPN newsletters. It is such a great, helpful tool for parents that you help making available to the large Bay Area community. A big thank you. Mascha
October 2006 I wanted to to personally send you a big fat THANK YOU!!! For helping all of us parents here in berkeley. What would we do without your thoughtful VOLUNTEERED TIME & ENERGY. My son J. who just turned a year old has benefited from BPN in his short life. Olga
October 2006 I've only been a member of BPN for as long as I've been a mother (just under 3 years) so I can't speak of the "old days" when things were "more personal." Being a Gen Xer has always meant that I had to hear people before me waxing nostalgic for a better time that I always seem to just miss! But, I wanted to say, in the here and now, that I love the BPN. I find the advice useful (and many times entertaining) and I don't make a decision about purchasing goods and services until I've consulted the network. I think the newsletters run smoothly, the site is comprehensive, and the community is reliable and interesting. So, if you start feeling down or are hearing too many negative opinions about this netowrk, please know that many of us couldn't live without this fantastic community. Keep up the good work. Lynn
October 2006 My son is 5 months old and ever since he was about 3 months old, ive noticed that sometimes when he would fall asleep on my breast, he would uncontrolably start shaking his head back and forth. He does it a couple times a month. It freaked me out. I haven't yet talked to the doctor about it because the doctor says he is very healthy. After going to this site, I feel much better knowing that its common among babies. Kristin
September 2006 i just joined your great group, and just want to tell you how valuable i find it. thank you so much for making it happen. -- rdw
August 2006 As we have moved to Virginia, I have unsubscribed to the UC list, which I have been on since close to its inception. But after 11 years getting my PhD, we found it was time to move on! I am writing now to say how wonderful this list has been, how much I miss it already, and how deeply I appreciate your volunteer service to making the Berkeley community so terrific. Thanks for a great decade. I really feel I couldn't have done as well by my kids without this wondrous thing you have wrought. Thanks again Allison
August 2006 Just wanted to send a big, heart-felt THANK YOU for having the BPN up, and especially the information on finding clothing to fit tall skinny men & boys. My son is 6'4" and only weighs about 150, so finding clothing for him is always a problem. In frustration this evening I just typed "medium tall mens clothing" into the Google search engine and got your site. After an hour at Eddie Bauer online and a bit more time at L.L. Bean he FINALLY has some nice clothes coming that should actually fit. It's still not easy...but it is better. Kate B. Franklinton, LA
August 2006 I do not live within commuting distance of Berkeley, but feel very fortunate to have found BPN. The community of parents have helped me many times over my first two years of motherhood. Many thanks for making the Web site available for reading to any parent. Kind regards, Janet
July 2006 I just wanted to thank the person(s) responsible for this wonderful website. It has helped me so many times, and has been an invaluable resource. I find the people that write on this site are very helpful, very honest. I also love the huge selection of topics. Thank you for a wonderful website! Keep up the great work! T.
July 2006 Night Terrors Thanks Our 7 year old son started with NT just out of the blue one night about 3 months ago, with all the patterns and symtoms. Thank God for Google (I'm from Philadelphia), which is how I found your site. Some posters mentioned the 7-night wake-up treatment (developed by an English doctor), and that was also mentioned by our pediatrician, who really didn't know what else to say. Well..we tried it and it worked! He's been 2 weeks completely NT free, and he was having them every night. I'm just writing, with a lump in my throat, to again express thanks to you, "only one mom", for maintaining this site. You probably have a sense of the importance it has had for parents like me, but I want to be sure you know the impact your efforts have had on our family. Micah
July 2006 Hello, Just another note of thanks for your doing this. The recommendations, responses, queries are all so smart and relevant. My family has benefited from your efforts And, as Independence Day approaches, am feeling that people who do things independently don't get enough recognition for their efforts. Bestest, Gloria
June 2006 just wanted to offer a quick note of thanks from a parent who has accessed so much amazing and helpful information since my son was born two years ago. we are now expecting a second child in october and i'm certain i will be a frequent visitor to the site as we welcome our second child and adjust to the new family life. what a comprehensive compilation of information for all kinds of parents. a fantastic resource! thank you, valerie
March 2006 Hey all of you wonderful volunteers - I just wanted to say "Thanks!" for trying to keep all this info sharing useful and truly helpful. Thanks for giving us all guidelines to type by, and checking our work before it's published. I like the idea about getting input on this and that chool but - as several have said - how many of us have truly had experience with more than one school (not counting tours). And, of course, we know, each kid and family have their own needs. - signed...a truly apprciative Mom
Feb 2006 I live in Illinois and find your website very helpful for my three year old. I also have a 9 month old. Thank you again, for such a great website and all the valuable information. Rebecca
Jan 2006 I just want to thank you and the entire community for the services that you offer parents and for giving individuals like myself an opportunity to post messages. Sincerely, Jim
Nov 2005 I am a developmental educator with Cape Ann Early Intervention in Beverly Mass. The information and strategies you have shared are very helpful to the families i work with. thank you Lisa
Sept 2005 I am currently pregnant with my second child and have been experiencing a lot of what I thought were normal feelings. It's been two months and I'd continually come up with nothing. I'd looked through every major "pregnancy and parenting" site I could find. After searching through different parenting sites, I found yours. Through your discussion threads, I was able to find the information I needed. Thank you so much for providing this information for people outside of your school and network. This service has helped me feel much more at peace. Sincerely, CH Port Orchard, WA
Sept 2005 Just wanted to let you know that in the last 19 months that I have been a mother, I have always found something important and interesting in your web site. It made me wish I lived closer and worked at UCB! But I live in New Jersey instead... Congratulations on your work. V.
Sept 2005 I have been sitting here crying my eyes out. My son and daughter-in-law were just told the umbillical cord has only one artery instead of two. I have been going to every web site that I could find to understand what this means. Most of the news was not very comforting. I happened upon your site and read the letters from other people who have been thru this in their pregnancys and the children are fine. It has brough so much relief to me . I hope and pray that they have the same success as everyone has had. She is due in Feb 2006 so we have a way to go. Rosemary
August 2005 Greetings from Greece. I came accross your site surfing (about the right pre-school age). I very much like to say that I was very glad to have a first few minutes look on your site. I was glad to find a lot of information on a well structured site (easy to find info - a lot of interesting issues). It also demonstrates that desinging a functional site is an art (that does not necessarily needs graphics - and the speed of a light site is much appreciated). CONGRAGULATIONS !!!! Kostas
July 2005 Hello, I am an African-American female living in Walnut Creek with my husband and teenage son. I'm unsure if Walnut Creek is out of your geographical area for membership, but I would love to join your organization. The information on your web site is EXCELLENT. I feel as if I have finally found an organization with members who have interests, concerns, etc. similar to mine. The resources and recommendations are great and very helpful. Best regards, and keep up the good work. L.
May 2005 I am not sure to whom this message should be addressed, but I just wanted to tell SOMEONE involved the Berkeley Parents Network how wonderful I think you are. I am not a Berkeley parent. I live in Boston, MA. I am the working mother of two children, with a third on the way. So often I have questions about the kids and pregnancy that I want to look up an answer to. I always "google" my question and nearly always, I find an answer on the Berkely Parents Network. Such thoughtful comments from your participants. It's been a real blessing to me. I feel a special bond with you all especially because I was born and spent my first 5 years in Berkeley (on Oakvale Avenue) when my father was a professor at the university. So, thank you all for creating and maintaining this site. It's so helpful even to those of us far from Berkeley! Alicia
January 2005 THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! To read all of these comments about night terrors from other parents, with children like mine. My oldest daughter who is now 11 and my youngest daughter 2 1/2 have been the nighttime wakers at our house. It is a huge relief to read very similar details and emotions and feelings and concerns. I am so relieved to have found this site and want to thank you for your suggestions, your ideas and perseverance... I feel like a new woman! Albeit a very tired new woman!! Kim
December 2004 I am leaving the University (retiring after 32 years of service at UC) and leaving the area. My daughter is now 18 years old. I just want to thank you and all the participants of parents. I was also a member of UCB Parents before my child was a teen. The information received has been invaluable and I hope that you continue to be a venue for parents for a long time to come. Thanks and good-bye. Laurel
November 2004 Hello: I just unsubscribed myself after four years of getting your newsletters and feel a great need to thank someone for it all. really helped me adjust to parenthood -- the wonderful questions, answers, unsolicited advice. thanks. C.
June 2004 I want to thank all the mothers who shared their non morning sickness stories. I'm in my 25th week of pregnancy and for the most part have been nausea free and feeling great all around. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 9 weeks and I teach mentally challenged children. So I worried a lot that I would have another miscarriage or give birth to an unhealthy baby because of the absence of feeling sick. So far he or she seems to be kicking me all the time and everything has looked great each time I went to the doctor. It's reassuring still to hear all of your stories! Now I realize I'm not alone in feeling good. Thank you all again. Allison
June 2004 I want to thank you so much for helping us all teenager parents to have a privilege of space to share. My son is graduating this year. I cannot thank you enough for being able to express concerns & receive feedbacks anything regards to raising teen children. Again, thank you!! Helen
May 2004 I am Esther, I write you from Barcelona, Spain. I,ve been looking for info about infertility treated by TCM. Your help has been really nice. Thanks a lot
May 2004 Your website is a nice piece of work. And has given me a piece of mind knowing I am not the only parent going through this. Much thanks. Ken
May 2004 Let me just take this opportunity to say that BPN rules! It's our first stop to referrals and recommendations. It is such a great resource for our family, our business and our community. It has definitely improved our lives probably more than we know. Thanks for all the work that you and BPN do! EB
March 2004 Thank you for doing a great job! This is a lot of work and I appreciate your taking your time to do this. We moved to Berkeley about a year ago and this has been a life saver for me! Found all our doctors, a netti pot for my allergies, etc. all on this site! Thanks, PJ
March 2004 Re: The politeness rule My thanks for the reminder. One of the things I most appreciate about these Newsletters, in addition to their content, is the level of discourse they maintain. Keep up the good work. Greg
March 2004 As a new member of the list, I just wanted to voice my appreciation for your recent note in the announcements regarding the politeness issue. I was rather surprised to read the admonishment post in the advice letter the other day -- it seemed out of character from what I had been led to expect from this forum. Thanks for taking to time to follow up on that -- you guys do a terrific job on what must be a Herculean task. L.
Oct 2003 Thank you for all of your effort in putting out the newsletter. This is truly an amazing resource for parents of teens, and I just wanted to express my appreciation. DP
Sept 2003 Thank you for subscribing me. Since recently relocating to the East Bay I have found this part of the world interesting, quirky, loads of fun, and am grateful for good advice. Kim
July 2003 I just wanted to say "thanks" for the note in the latest "Advise Wanted Newsletter" regarding the disrespectful comment posted regarding "sacrificing your children for political correctness by putting them in public school." I have a son who will be entering Peralta Elementary School (an Oakland public school at that) this fall and I found that comment disrespectful and insulting. I didn't write to you about it, but I wanted to. I am glad that others took the time to do so. We as a democratic society cannot allow such an integral institution like public schools to become denigrated in the view of general society. Also, I know that you and all the other UCB Parents Moderators do the very hard work of putting all these newsletters together. I wanted you to know that your work has made a very positive impact in my life as mother, woman, and general member of society. I thank you, my son thanks you, my husband too! These UCB Newsletters are one of the great things about the Bay Area and the reason I call the Bay Area home. Have a wonderful summer! Sincerely, Nicole
May 2003 Can I tell you how much I appreciate this network? Thank you for the information and for doing such a great job! Sally
April 2003 Just want you to know that the info I've been able to review has been INVALUABLE! Seriously. I've been so concerned about my son and what to do about his slipping grades and lack of motivation. I didn't even know there was such a thing as an academic counselor! I'm still doing research, but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you all are doing and your willingness to let me be a fly on the wall. Best regards, Paula
April 2003 I have subscribed to the parents net. for over a year now, and I wanted to send a thank you for all the work you and others must put into putting together this kind of newsletter. I have gotten wonderful ideas from others, bought a few things, and like having a 'virtual' group of moms out there with so many opinions. Thanks! Felicia
Feb 2003 Hi! I just found your website and have been reading through it for about 45 minutes while my 23 month-old son is having his nap. I just wanted to say thank you for making this medium available, it's been interesting reading. But, mainly I am writing to say thanks for the "Toddler Miracle Diet", the best laugh I've had since... I can't remember when I've laughed so hard!! I was sure I was going to wake him up. I am still wiping the tears away! Carolin :)
Dec 2002 Just wanted to thank you for posting info about my show, Princess Moxie - on the network. The response was overwhelming. We had a packed house at the Grand Lake Neigborhood Center and it seems most of the audience had heard about the show from the network posting. Everyone had a great time - perfect for a rainy day! Thanks for doing such a great community service! Jennifer
Nov 2002 Hi -- I just wanted to thank you for the great service you provide through the Childcare Digest newsletter. You were kind enough to run my posting several times last month (I was looking to share my nanny), and I just finalized our arrangements with someone who saw our posting. Also, I got my nanny in the first place from Childcare Digest. I know you all do this on a volunteer basis -- the entire UC Parents Network is an invaluable community resource. Thanks again! Lisa
Nov 2002 Thanks so much for your website. I will soon be flying from Milwaukee to the Bay area to celebrate Christmas with my husband's family. We will be traveling with our 2-and-a-half year old, and 11-month old sons; I found some very good advice about flying with them. Thanks; I now expect the trip to go fairly smoothly.(As smoothly as possible with two small, active boys!!) Keep up the great work!! Jen
Oct 2002 THANK YOU so much for your excellent web site. I have a toddler who was experiencing night terrors, and I found your site via Google. I followed the advice of one parent that recommended keeping her feet uncovered. We had just switched to footy-pajamas as the weather turned cold, and had not noticed the coincidence. As simple as it sounds, it was and remains a mystery as to how and why this solved our problem. I also appreciated reading about other parents who were dealing with this issue, as it is truly terrifying. I cannot tell you how heartbreaking it is to have your child screaming and thrashing uncontrollably, and be unable to console or comfort them. I had a college roommate who experienced night terrors, so I was familiar with them; otherwise I would have thought I was losing my mind. Please keep up the great work, and I will be sure to pass the word. Sincerely, Nancy M.
Sept 2002 I just wanted to thank you for maintaining the UCB Parents Network webpages. I find myself using them all the time! Thank you for a great service. NW (a former Cal CS student)
August 2002 Just wanted to express my thanks to you and your staff for posting responses of adult patients that have had umbilical hernia repairs performed...I'm going to have the preceedure done in a couple of weeks, but could only find lots of info about childhood umbilical hernias. The feedback posted on the "UCB Parents Health & Medical Advice" webpage was very informative and helped reduce my anxiety about the having the surgery done. Thanks, DS Annapolis, MD
May 2002 Dear Moderator, After 3-4-5? years of receiving/reading your on-line newsletter, I have just submitted my "unsubscription." It's odd, but I'm already experiencing the same anxiety I remember feeling when I stopped reading/renewing Parents magazine after our one & only daughter hit her preteen years. Now, as we confront the reality of an empty nest in the Fall, I'm trying to wean myself once again (my daughter should only know I wrote this!) from a publication that has sustained and informed me throughout the past few incredible teen years. You perform an invaluable service to parents, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the work you do/have done. I have given your email address to other parents and cannot praise your newsletter enough, and you for having the creative energy and, dare I say it?, the passion to make it happen! Kudos, huzzahs, and cheers! to you. May your life be enriched by the many benefits you have provided others. Carry on. Sincerely, Helen
April 2002 As I was reading today's newsletter, it struck me how valuable this resource is to parents. So I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this. You've done a wonderful job of "moderating". I am often moved by the pain, honesty, and wisdom in the postings. Thank you, A grateful mom
April 2002 After reading your letter to the members about the upcoming changes of the newsletters and why, I really felt that I wanted to say thank you. I bet you didn't know that your idea so long ago would grow into a 5000 member subscription. It's amazing that you have kept up with its growth on a volunteer basis while holding down a job and being a mom too. I occasionally buy and sell on Marketplace, and I post questions and advice and recommendations. Also, I have been recommended a few times as a child photographer and because of those kind words, I get about two bookings a month from the parents who found me in the network archives (and some have become friends). Most recently, I received a beautiful memory quilt made out of my son's baby clothes by a UCBPN mom whom I did a photography trade with. I tell so moms about the posting becuase it is wonderful. Thank you for creating and maintaining this public service to the Bay Area for so long, and for doing it so well. I hope you enjoy some of that free time you will be getting soon. You deserve it! Best Wishes, AL
Feb 2002 While I have the chance, allow me to say how grateful I am for the newsletter. I'm a new mom and I really appreciate the suggestions and ideas I read on the newsletter. I realize that it is quite a bit of work for you, and I thank you. JF
Jan 2002 I just wanted to thank you again for your efforts to organize and maintain the whole parents thing at Berkeley. While some of the material is too locale-specific to be important to me now, I periodically glance through and find bits of wisdom. Just now I was reading the advice bits and was pleased to see that plenty of people apparently still consider other people's feelings, which is frankly a nice thing to find these days. I thought maybe I'd better write and thank you again on the off chance that other people had forgotten. :) This thing you's really cool! --Steve
Dec 2001 I just want to take a moment and thank you for facilitating this newsletter. It is a wonderful resource and very much appreciated. J.
Nov 2001 I want to THANK you for referring me to this great site, and to the volunteers at UCB Parents for putting this information together. This site information has been invaluable in my search for a good full-time preschool program. What better way than to hear from parents who have used the schools? Bravo to you! I don't know where I would have gotten this type of information without you... Jenny
Sept 2001 I am so appreciative that you are doing this. The Parents' Line is an important community service. The special edition [about 9/11] is a tremendous gift to all of us who are looking for the "right" words to soothe our hearts at this impossible juncture. Sincerely, M.
July 2001 Thanks so much for the forwarded emails, and more generally thank you for this wonderful resource that you have given the community. I have used it innumerable times, purchasing a breat breast pump, for example, through it. You have given the parents of the East Bay a great gift. I think we should name a landmark after you! Cheers, Karen
June 2001 NOTE TO THE MODERATORS: Hello! I just want to let you know that I really appreciate the work you're doing.... I am a mommy-to be (first Girl!) and I really don't know where I'd be without your service. So I just want to let you know that I truly thank you for your effort as volunteers and I give you lots of 'props' for juggling it all and for helping the rest of us out at the same time. Take Care N.
June 2001 Having been a parent for 6.5 years and a member of this newsletter for almost as long, I want to thank all of you who work to provide this really wonderful service. We who use it are so lucky to have access to the resources and information provided. Thank you , Thank you. (and keep it coming!) Dianne
June 2001 Hi, there. As to the please be friendly note, I just want to say that you and the other moderators do a FANTASTIC job on these e-mails, affecting thousands of lives with the assistance and support they give. I alone have gotten so much help in the past year that I am a total e-mail junky. Thank you so much doing this public service on your own time when you all have lives as busy as, or busier, than your readers'. I don't know how you do, but am just glad as heck that you do. You are just the best!!! Most sincerely, Lynn
April 2001 Thank you for your comment ("What a great question!"). I was thinking I was asking the stupidest question in the world and revealing, in the process, all sorts of family pathology (ie; unmotivated kid, wussy parents,etc.). Between your note and the responses I've gotten I feel fortified and normal! - Edith
Nov 2000 Re: Parents of Teens newsletter Recently we've noticed several family friends who have started to receive this newsletter. As parents of 2 teenage sons and 1 pre-teen we hope you find this newsletter as enjoyable and informative as we both do. Enjoy the path... half the "fun" is getting "there"! Gratefully, V.
Oct 2000 I want to say thank you to you for the wonderful job you do running the Schools list. This is a real "hot button" topic for so many of us, and I feel you have done a great service to a large community of parents. Thanks a lot! You undoubtedly don't hear that enough. Sincerely, Sharon
Sept 2000 Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I have been searching for a parenting web site that not only addresses my (fairly typical) concerns as a single (separated) parent of a 2 year old, but one that also shares similar sensibilities with me and isn't trying to sell me diapers, car seats or cellular phones. Yours is the one and only that I've found so far! The members are intelligent, enlightened and extremely helpful (I couldn't believe there was actually a whole section on the very tendonitis I contracted after my son was born--I had no idea this was common among new mothers!). I have gotten so much out of the advice about everything from toddler tooth brushing to biting to how to deal with ant infestations and I only wish that I could join as an active member. Do you ever make exceptions for participants out of your area? If not, I'll just continue to enjoy and benefit from what you share with those of us lost behind the Orange Curtain (I live in Tustin, Orange County, an MFA from UC Irvine where I occasionally teach part time--presently teaching at USC). Thank you! Sincerely, Susan
June 2000 I really appreciate all of the work that you and yours do on the network. It has become instrumental to me and my family in so many ways. And I talk with many, many parents who rely on it just as heavily. Thanks so very much!!!! Lynn
Oct 1999 Thanks for doing such a great job with the Parents of Teens newsletter. It's getting very comprehensive. I can imagine that some very positive changes may occur in our children's education because we have this tool for communication. ~Anita
Oct 1999 Thanks, for that gracious reply. I too have shaken my head at some of the requests of our "upper income" posters! The growing class divisions of the Bay Area can too quickly degenerate into ugly Us vs. Them, but your reply was balanced and fair. Guess that's why you're a moderator. PS - I am the hugest fan of this list, having got my day care provider, a file cabinet, and various other basic necessitites of life from its postings. Thank you for spending the time and effort to put it out. ) Cheers, Julie
Oct 1999 I really appreciated your response to the question about 'yuppies' that came to the Advice list. You response was temperate, relaxed, thoughtful, and right. We are here together. We learn from each other by gathering in, not keeping out. And we learn by welcoming others. Thanks for your balanced viewpoint and gentle hand, and for giving that tone to the list. My very best wishes, B.

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