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About Parents of Teens

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  • What is the Parents of Teens mailing list?
  • This is a weekly email newsletter for 7,188 parents of teens, pre-teens, and young adults who live in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Parents of Teens newsletter contains advice, recommendations, discussions and announcements of interest to parents of this age group the SF Bay Area. Parents of Teens is one of the newsletters of the Berkeley Parents Network (BPN), and it follows the same rules and policies of the BPN, but it has its own mailing list and it is administered separately.

  • Who can subscribe to Parents of Teens?
  • There are two conditions of membership:
    1. You must live in the SF Bay area or be planning a move here.
    2. You must be parenting a teen, pre-teen, or young adult, or work with one, such as teachers and physicians. We also welcome grandparents and aunts and uncles of teens who want to network with us about teenagers.

  • What ages are discussed on Parents of Teens?
  • Parents on the list have children ranging from about 11 years old into their 20's. Many discussions are school-related, such as parents seeking tutors, looking for school recommendations, applying to college, and seeking advice about problems that crop up in middle school, high school, and college, such poor motivation, learning disorders, and socializing. We discuss family rules, such as driving, curfews, and computer use, and behavior and mental health issues such as drug use, sexuality, depression, and defiance. Most parents on the list have children in middle school or high school, but many of us are now parenting "emerging adults" - kids in their 20's who are still finding their way, or living at home, or struggling with difficult issues. See Goodbye to Parents of Teens for some letters from parents who have "aged out" of the list.

  • How do I subscribe to the newsletters?
  • To join, use this form. We add new subscribers by hand; you should receive the welcome message within a week of joining. The newsletter is sent out every 6-10 days. It is free to join.

  • What goes into the Teens newsletter?
  • There are 3 sections in the Teens newsletter that subscribers can post a message to. To post, use the posting form here.

    1. Respond to a Previous Question
    Topics raised in previous newsletters are listed by date on the posting form here. Choose the topic you are replying to and type in your response. You may also post a review of a tutor: scroll to the end of the topic list and select "Tutor Review".
    Note: Parents' reviews of products and services are accepted in this section, but you may not promote your own business here, per BPN's policy on promotional postings. See the Announcements section below for information about promotional postings accepted for the Teens newsletter.

    2. Post a New Question
    Post a new question for advice about any teen-related issues including health, behavior, schools, tutors, and the like.

    3. Announcements
    The Announcements sections are for announcements of interest to teens and their parents. Some types of promotional postings are accepted per the guidelines below. For details about BPN's policies, see Advertising and Self-Promotion on BPN.

    The Teens newsletter also includes a final section added by the moderator: "Welcome to New Members" which contains a list of new subscribers from the past week.

  • How do I post a message to the Teens newsletter?
  • Use the form on the website: Click Here. If you are replying to a question someone asked, you'll be able to choose the topic from a list. If you are posting a new question or an announcement, you'll need to type in a heading for your post.

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