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Questions about Your BPN Subscription

Berkeley Parents Network > Help & Frequently Asked Questions > Questions about Your BPN Subscription

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What does a BPN subscription involve?

Subscribing to BPN means that you are signing up to receive 7 different email newsletters: Advice, Announcements, Childcare, Marketplace, Recommendations, and Schools, Preschools & Camps. Most of these newsletters are mailed weekly. Some of them, such as Advice and Recommendations, are split into smaller sections that are mailed on different days, so BPN subscribers receive an average of 10 newsletters each week. See this page for a list of the newsletters, who moderates them, and when they are usually mailed.

There is no other benefit to being a BPN subscriber aside from receiving the newsletters.

What's the advantage of subscribing rather than just reading the website?

If you want to ask a question or respond to some else's question, you must be a subscriber. In addition, the website is just an archive of some, but not all, of the discussions from some of the newsletters. We archive discussions from Advice, Recommendations, and Schools, Preschools & Camps. But not all of the discussions are archived due to time limitations, and the archive is often several months or even years behind. Three newsletters are not archived: Announcements, Childcare, and Marketplace. So, if you are looking for childcare, or you want to buy or sell household items, or read about new kids' classes and family-friendly events, you will need to be a subscriber.

Can I receive some but not all of the newsletters?

No. There is only one member list for all the BPN newsletters, so it is not possible to customize subscriptions. Everyone who is on the list for the Berkeley Parents Network receives all the newsletters. But we try to make it easy for you to skip the ones you aren't interested in by providing a separate Subject field for each digest. So, for example, if you aren't looking for childcare right now, you can just delete the Childcare digest when it comes in to your mailbox without having to view the body. You can also use your email software to set up a filter for the newsletters you aren't interested in reading.

Why do we do it like this?
1) It is simpler to administer the newsletters if we don't have to maintain a database of who is subscribed to which newsletter(s).
2) We don't want people subscribing for the sole purpose of receiving Marketplace or Recommendations digest because this would attract subscribers who are not contributing to the parenting community, creating a greater burden on the volunteers without creating added value for parenting support.
3) We want everyone to be able to contribute to all the discussions, even the ones they don't read very often.

Note: the Parents of Teens newsletter has a separate subscriber list from The Berkeley Parents Network. So, people who have teenagers might want to subscribe to both Parents of Teens & The Berkeley Parents Network.

How do I unsubscribe or change my email address?

To unsubscribe or change your email address, fill out the form for unsubscribing or address changes at .

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