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Joining the Berkeley Parents Network

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Who can join the list?

BPN's main mission is to provide a forum for discussions about parenting and raising children in the SF Bay area.

Therefore, to join these newsletters, you must be (now, or about to be) raising or caring for children in this area.

Also see Why do you restrict membership to local parents?

How do I subscribe to the list?

To join the Berkeley Parents Network mailing lists, go to the subscribe forms. Please note that, in order to join, you must be (now, or about to be) raising or caring for children "within commuting distance" of Berkeley, California.

Is there a subscription fee?

No, there is no subscription fee. We are a grass-roots organization run by and for parents, and it is free to join. We do not accept advertising and we do not have any corporate sponsorship or government grants.

Do I have to live in Berkeley to join?

No, you don't have to live in Berkeley, but you do need to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, or be planning a move here.

About 75% of our members live in the East Bay cities of Berkeley, Oakland, Albany, El Cerrito, and Richmond, so most of our discussions center on this area.

We are called the Berkeley Parents Network because we began as an organization for parents who work or go to school at UC Berkeley. For a history of the list, see How did it start? above.

I live in the area, but I don't have kids at home - can I join?

We encourage anyone who takes care of children in our community to join the list. This includes grandparents, child care providers, doctors, and teachers. Anyone who is able to participate in a discussion about managing and caring for children is welcome.

It is important to us that members are able to discuss parenting and caring for children, and we require that of all subscribers. As much as we'd like to, we cannot subscribe other members of our community because we are a volunteer-run organization. We don't have any funding and we don't have a staff. In order to keep the work manageable for our volunteers, we must limit subscriptions to people in the community who have children or are caring for children. However we do archive many of our discussions to our public website for everyone.

Can my business or organization subscribe?

We accept subscriptions from people but not organizations. If your business or organization is related to parenting or children, and it is in the community, then anyone at the organization can subscribe. But we don't subscribe institutional email addresses such as "Admissions Office" or "PR".
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