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About the Schools, Preschools & Camps Newsletter

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What goes in this newsletter?

1. Reply to a Previous Question
Topics raised in previous newsletters are listed by date on the posting form here. Choose the topic you are replying to and type in your response. If you work at the school that you are recommending, please disclose this, per the policy below. BPN accepts negative reviews from parents with first-hand experience in this section if they comply with the Negative Review Policy.

2. Post a New Question
Post a new question about schools and preschools, summer camps, tutors, and other topics about school and pre-school. Per the policy on Repeated postings, we ask that you post only one question per newsletter.

3. Parent Review of a School, Camp, or Tutor
Here you may post an "unsolicited" review of your child's school, preschool, camp, or tutor. This section is for parents only. Reviews from teachers, directors, or other staff are not accepted in this section, even if they are also a parent at the school.

Negative reviews are not accepted in this section. The are accepted in response to a previous question. See the Negative Review Policy for more information.

3. Announcements about a School or Camp
This section is mainly used by local schools and camps to post announcements about their programs. Preschools and other programs for children under 5 years must include the facility's license number in their post - see About Childcare Licensing in California. For more information about BPN's policies on promotional postings, see Advertising and Self-Promotion on BPN.

Reviews from Directors, Teachers, and Staff Members

If you are recommending a school, preschool, or camp where you work now or have worked in the past, you must disclose this relationship in your post, even if you are also a parent at the school. While reviews from staff do have value, they also carry with them a bias, and it is not fair to conceal that bias from parents who read your post. For more information about this, see BPN's policy about Recommending yourself or your employer. Staff and directors may post a response to a question, but unsolicited reviews and negative reviews are not accepted from current or former staff. See the polcies above for more information about this.

Archiving reviews to the website

All reviews that appear in the Schools, Preschools & Camps Newsletter are archived to the BPN website within a month or two. We do not archive reviews posted by directors, teachers and staff at the school. See the links at the top of this page for the archives.

Repeated Postings

In the interest of keeping the Schools newsletter useful for parents, easy to read, and free of advertising, BPN has limits on how often the same person or school can post, as outlined below. For details, see BPN's policy on Repeated Postings.

Guidelines for Parents:

Guidelines for Schools & Camps:

When parents see the same school posting repeatedly in the BPN newsletters, it gives the impression that the school is having trouble with enrollment. So be judicious about how often you post.

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