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Repeated Postings

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General Policy Details for Specific Newsletters

Promotional announcements and recommendations

BPN does not accept advertising. Please read our policy on Advertising and Self-Promotion for more information.

In the interest of keeping the newsletters useful to parents, easy to read, and free of advertising, we ask that subscribers not repeatedly post information about the same business, service, organization, school, or institution. This includes local businesses and services, childcare and school openings, household services, classes and tutoring, events, groups, therapy and medical services, and the like.

Repeated postings make the newsletters too long, reduce the value of other postings, and increase work for the volunteers. If you didn't receive the response you were expecting from your first posting, it is best to explore other avenues rather than repeating your post to the same audience.

The policy about repeat postings:

See below for additional information about repeated postings in specific newsletters.

Can my message be repeated every week?

No, we cannot automatically repeat your posting for you. You will need to post again if you want it to appear again. However, please read the policy above about Repeated Postings before you post again. There is a limit on repeated postings in order to keep the newsletters interesting and readable for subscribers.

Other Resources to Use besides BPN

Here are some suggestions for other resources to use besides BPN.

Other places for childcare, preschools, schools postings

Other places to publicize your business or event

Repeated Postings in the Childcare Newsletter

Currently BPN is receiving 2-3 times more "childcare available" postings than "parents looking for childcare". While we support the efforts of nannies and daycares to make a living, our primary mission is to support parents in a not-for-profit context. Therefore we can't accept postings week after week from the same daycares and nannies.

These policies are intended to improve the usefulness of the Childcare newsletter for parents. If you have not gotten a good response to your posting, try some of the suggestions on the Posting Tips page or try Other Resources besides BPN.

Repeated Postings in Question-and-Answer Sections

(Recommendations, Advice, Schools & Preschools, and Parents of Teens)



Repeated Postings in the Marketplace Newsletter

Marketplace should not be used as a way to make extra money. It is intended as a convenient way for BPN members to trade, sell, give away, and buy the occasional household item from others members. Therefore: Craigslist or Freecycle are the best places to post if you need sell or give away items more than 3 times in a month.

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