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BPN's Privacy Policy

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The Berkeley Parents Network is meant to be a supportive, helpful forum for parents. BPN's Privacy Policy is designed to protect the privacy of subscribers so that we will all feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics about ourselves and our families.

How BPN Uses Your Email Address and Other Info

Posting a Message to a BPN Newsletter

Mis-Using Other Subscribers' Email Addresses

We want subscribers to feel that they can include their names or email addresses in their posts without being bombarded with unwanted email from other subscribers. Therefore, subscribers may not use information from the BPN newsletters -- such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers -- to contact other subscribers for ANY reason other than responding directly to a request they made in the newsletter. This includes criticism about a posting of theirs you saw in the newsletter, solicitations (even if it's for a good cause), and anything that could be interpreted as promoting your own business or private practice.

Below are some of the actions that are prohibited by BPN's Privacy Policy. Subscribers who are unable to follow these policies will be unsubscribed from BPN.

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