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Information for Non-Subscribers

Berkeley Parents Network > Help & Frequently Asked Questions > Information for Non-Subscribers

I need advice about a problem I read about on your website

We are sorry but we don't have anyone who can answer questions or give advice. The Berkeley Parents Network (BPN) is a grass-roots, volunteer-run organization of 33,258 parents who live in the Berkeley, California area. We give each other advice in weekly email newsletters. Only subscribers can post to these newsletters, and only parents who live locally can subscribe. (Why?) We do not have any staff or funding - all of our newsletters and our website are managed by volunteer parents in their spare time. All of the content in the newsletters and on the website was submitted by parent subscribers. Our website is an archive of discussions from the newsletters. We put these on our website in the hope that other parents can benefit from the collective wisdom of the BPN. But we do not have anyone who can give you more information about any of the topics on the website. If you live locally, and you are a parent, you can join BPN. See Joining the Berkeley Parents Network.

How can I add my advice to your website?

Per the previous discussion, our website is an archive of discussions from the email newsletters of the Berkeley Parents Network (BPN). Only subscribers can post to the newsletters, and you need to be a local parent in order to subscribe. If you are a BPN subscriber, see How can I add a review to the website?. Note BPN does not accept unsolicited reviews except for a few specific topics.

If you are not a subscriber, and you are eligible to subscribe, use the subscribe form. Otherwise, we cannot accept your review or advice, sorry. Try one of the other consumer review sites such as

How can I let parents know about my service/product/book?

We can't accept messages from people who are not BPN subscribers. The Berkeley Parents Network is focused on member parents giving each other advice, so we ask that people subscribe who can participate in discussions about parenting and children. The Berkeley Parents Network is online only. We do not have meetings or any other in-person get-togethers. We don't have staff who can review books or evaluate products. For details about this, see How can I get a listing on your website?

Can you link to my website from the BPN?

Sorry, no. The Berkeley Parents Network website is an archive of discussions from the BPN newsletters, which contain Q&A from local parents who subscribe to BPN. Our intent is to archive these discussions so they are available to other parents. We don't maintain listings or link to products and services, other than those that our parent members suggest. We also do not do "link exchanges".

Why do you restrict membership to local parents?

We are a volunteer-run organization, so we do not have the resources to accept postings outside of our subscriber base. Nor can we accept subscriptions from non-parents or people who live outside the area. There are 33,258 subscribers on the BPN, and we get 10-20 new subscribers every day. Our volunteers handle hundreds of postings every week from our subscribers. We simply don't have the people power to do more than this.
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