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Advice about Medical, Legal, and Financial Issues

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BPN does not accept questions that only an expert would know the answer to, such as advice about legal, medical, scientific, or financial issues.

It is OK to ask about other parents' experiences with a partcular legal, medical, or financial problem. But if you are seeking advice from an expert, BPN is not the right place to post. The BPN website has many archived recommendations for these professionals. You can ask for a new referral using the Recommendations posting form.

Why we have this rule

BPN has no way to tell whether the person giving you legal or medical advice knows what they are talking about, and neither do you. People mean well when they respond to a post like this, but BPN has a big audience and we don't want subscribers to get inaccurate information that could affect their health or their pocketbook from a well-meaning subscriber who is not actually trained in the law or medicine.

BPN subscribers who *are* lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc. cannot give you good advice based on a brief message you posted to the newsletters. In fact, this is prohibited by many professional organizations, because these issues are often complex, and require a more in-depth and/or in-person consultation to give accurate advice.

Examples of questions that BPN does not accept:

Examples of questions that BPN accepts:

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