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Goodbye to Parents of Teens

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Editor Note: These are some of the letters we've received from parents who are unsubscribing from the Parents of Teens list because their children have left the teen years.
Sept 2010

Hi, My kids are grown up, and I want to let you know how much I have appreciated your service to the campus and to parents everywhere who use your website as a reference for many things. You are the best.

July 2009

Hi ... .I have never met you in person but I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the Teen Newsletter. It was such a wonderful resource for so many years. My daughter leaves for Davis this Sept. so I've "graduated" (and unsubscribed) from this newsletter! Take care, KW

August 2008

i just unsubscribed from the parents of teens list -- my kids are 19 and 21 now, and i'm feeling dated -- but i wanted to let you know how helpful the list has been for us over many years.

i'm so glad you put this forum together. the "worldwide parenting network" that is so fabulous when the kids are tiny tends to fall apart when they get hormonal and snarly and opinionated. and when they make the stupid choices that nearly everyone does, one time or another. it is also so much harder to have parent friends when the kids drift apart, or even when they just get older and are no longer interested in all-family-multi-family events. and in my opinion, that's when we need the other parents the most, to share stories and thoughts and experiences and leads.

when i see inquiries about so many things -- skating, rock shows at the gilman, driving, drugs, high school stuff -- i keep wanting to respond, but my info is past the due date. they are all different, and this is such a volitile time in life for many kids [and parents]. keep up the good work!

take care, kathy

May 2008

Thank you for moderating this list for so many years!!!!! When my son was in high school (he's 24 now) and in the years since as a psychotherapist in berkeley I have used it for resources and ideas and as a place to send parents to get a sense of the teen years in Berkeley. thank you!!! B.

May 2007

Thanks so much for this wonderful newsletter! I read it faithfully during my kids' teen years- but they are now 19 and 26, doing great, and its time for me to move on! L

April 2010

Do I stay or do I go?

I just read this week's parents of teens newsletter and felt an overwhelming sadness come over me. I've been part of this group since my kids have been in elementary school and have loved all of the support that comes with BPN. Now that my youngest has just submitted her SIR to Cal, I realized that much of what is posted will no longer apply to my family. Yikes. I'm going through BPN withdrawal. Anyone been there? Any advice ? Gee Whiz, I feel like you guys are my family and I'm moving away. missing BPN

My daughter graduated from high school in 2007 and I still find the Parents of Teens newsletter helpful and interesting. I have noticed quite a few posts by parents of college age kids and I have seen many posts concerning high school age kids that are pertinent to my family situation. More importantly, with your experience, you will undoubtedly be able to offer lots of helpful advice to folks with younger teens.

And what the heck - it's free! MM

Hi, As a mom whose youngest is now a freshman in college and who has been involved with the lists since my two sons were in elementary school as well, I can really relate to your question. My choice has been to ''stay'', for several reasons: 1) a fair number of questions still come up on this list regarding college-aged kids, and I'm always interested in the responses; 2) I've had questions regarding my college-aged sons, and I've received helpful, thoughtful answers from others; and 3) I love when I'm able to ''pay back'' by offering some tidbits from my fairly recent experience with this sometimes-rough job of parenting teens, and I think that it adds to the richness of this community that others in our situation (those with fledgling young adults) do the same. I usually just glance through the topics at the header of the email and see if anything jumps out at me... doesn't take too long, and sometimes a topic really clicks. Hope you'll stay!
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