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List of Current Delivery Problems

Berkeley Parents Network > Help & Frequently Asked Questions > List of Current Delivery Problems

This page shows email services that are either blocking or delaying delivery of BPN newsletters to all their customers. There is a list of older delivery problems here. See also: Recently Mailed Newsletters and FAQ: Newsletter Delivery Problems. no current problems, but AOL has occasionally blocked newsletters in the past (see this page) Frequently Blocks Newsletters
9/22/2014 Childcare "579 message content is not acceptable here"
9/2/2014 Childcare "579 message content is not acceptable here"
(For past problems see this page) Delivering some BPN newsletters as an attachment - See yahoo instructions below Occasionally tags newsletters as spam, despite creating a "not spam" filter
Check your Spam folder for missing newsletters. To create a "not spam" filter, see instructions below for gmail. Prior to 2014, blocked all mail from BPN. No problems currently. See Comcast Problems Sometimes blocks newsletters
8/8/2014: Advice Given [A-L] "The message with the subject of (Advice Given [A-L] Aug 8, 20...hes a profile the Internet community may consider spam. Please revise your message before resending." Multiple copies of newsletters
Some Earthlink customers are reporting that they are receiving multiple copies of the same newsletter, as many as 30. As of April 2014, we are still receiving reports of this problem. Earlier reports go back to 2007.

Solution (thanks to BPN subscriber Debra M in March 2008): "The problem involves an email corruption at earthlink that replicates email. Members should delete all of the BPN newletters that are in the inbox and deleted folders, and see if that fixes the problem." Frequently tags newsletters as spam, especially Childcare & Marketplace
gmail regularly misidentifies BPN newsletters as spam. You will find missing newsletters in your Spam or Trash folder. If you don't find them there, check your "All Mail" folder, using the actual mail date on This Page.

To prevent your BPN newsletters from being tagged as spam by gmail:

  1. Login to your gmail account at
  2. Find a BPN newsletter and open it (you might find one in Spam)
  3. Click the "More" button at the top and select "Filter Messages Like These"
  4. A box should appear that has "" in the "From" field. If it is not already there, put it there.
  5. Click on "Create filter with this search" (this will take you to the next screen)
  6. Check the box labelled "Never send it to Spam"
  7. Click "Create Filter"
This tells gmail to never send mail to the Spam folder if it comes from Many thanks to subscribers Becky S., Loren B. and Liza L. for reporting this! No current problems but hotmail has set up a block on BPN newsletters in the past. See old delivery problems for details. See Delivering some BPN newsletters as an attachment - See yahoo instructions below Delivering some BPN newsletters as an attachment - See yahoo instructions below Occasionally blocks some newsletters
9/24/2014 Marketplace: "This message does not comply with required standards" Frequently blocks newsletters
9/3/2014: Marletplace: 554 rejected due to spam content
8/22/2014: Parents of Teens: 554 rejected due to spam content Treats some newsletters as attachments (blank body)
Yahoo is incorrectly identifying some BPN newsletters as having an attachment and does not display the body of the mail. BPN newsletters do not have attachments - they are mailed as plain text.
(July 2014), rocketmail, and sbcglobal customers are reporting this problem also

(April 2014) Tricia (with an sbcglobal address) wrote:
- Go to the gear icon
- Scroll down to mail options
- Scroll down to advanced settings, click "basic" and save.

(Jan 2014) Emily L. wrote: "For some aggravating reason Yahoo is not letting me switch to basic view, but I *am* able to view the newsletter on my iPhone."

(July 2013) Marie S. wrote: "I wanted to let you know that I have been experiencing the periodic problem reported on BPN with the newsletter showing up as an attachment and have not found the suggestion of using preview pane to work However, I have been able to view the newsletter successfully on my ipad mail (using the app not the browser), so maybe that will help as an alternate suggestion."

(May 2013) To read your newsletter at, you'll need to use the "Preview Pane", which is available by switching the new yahoo back to the Basic version:
- Click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner
- Choose "Settings"
- Click "Viewing Email"
- Mail version click "Basic"
- Click "Save"
You will now see the body of the BPN newsletter in the preview pane.

Delays delivery of newsletters
yahoo frequently holds up delivery of mail for as much as 24-48 hours.

see also: old delivery problems Blocking many newsletters
8/7/2014: Marketplace: "(reason: 554 Email quarantined by filter. Release it at"
7/23/2014 Marketplace: "(reason: 554 Email quarantined by filter. Release it at"

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