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Newsletter Delivery Problems

Berkeley Parents Network > Help & Frequently Asked Questions > Newsletter Delivery Problems

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  • What to do if you didn't get your newsletter(s) ...
    1. Are you looking for either the Childcare or Marketplace newsletter? BPN stopped mailing those in March 2015. Instead, they are now on the new website If you haven't created an account on the new website yet, click 'subscribe' in the upper right corner.

    2. Check the List of Newsletters Mailed to see if the newsletter you are expecting has actually been mailed. Allow a few hours for your mail service to deliver the mail (some email services like yahoo delay mail for 24-48 hours.)

    3. Check the List of Delivery Problems to see if your email service is reporting any delivery problems to BPN.

    4. Make sure that your email address is on the BPN list. See the section below How can I find out if I am still subscribed?

    5. If your email address is not on the list:
    6. If your email address is on the list:

      • BPN newsletters are being mis-identified as spam by your email service. Check your Spam/Junk/Trash folder for the missing newsletter(s). Check your spam settings: are you automatically deleting mail that is tagged as spam?

      • BPN newsletters are in some other folder based on a mail filter you created.

      • Did you check to see if your email service is on the Delivery Problems list?

    7. If you've checked steps 1-5 above, and you are subscribed, but you still don't know why you aren't getting all your newsletters, you need to contact technical support at your email service. We are mailing newsletters to you, but something is happening to them before they get to you. This is a problem that is happening at your email service, and there isn't anything BPN can do. Sorry! The only thing we can suggest is that you use some other email account, and fill out the Change of Address form to change you address on the BPN list.

  • My newsletter was cut off mid-way through
  • This is a problem with the mail software you use. It is not letting you view the entire email. Here are some suggestions we've received from subscribers about various solutions:

  • I am getting more than one copy of each newsletter
  • This is an ongoing problem for Earthlink subscribers, and you'll need to contact Earthlink - there is nothing BPN can do. See Current Delivery Problems for more information about this. If you do not use Earthlink, but you are receiving more than one copy of each newsletter, please send us an email and we'll check to see if you are on the list more than once.

  • When are the newsletters mailed out?
  • The Posting form for each newsletter has info at the top about when it is usually mailed. You can also find this out from the List of Newsletters. To see when newsletters were actually mailed, go to List of Newsletters Mailed.

  • Why does my newsletter arrive so late?
  • We mail newsletters to everyone at the same time. However, we have no control over when your email service delivers it to your mailbox. Some email services regularly delay delivery for a few hours, others may hold them for as long as several days. When we receive a notice of delayed delivery, we add a note to our Delivery Problems page, so check List of Current Delivery Problems.

  • How can I find out if I am still subscribed?
  • If you want to find out if you are currently subscribed, try filling out the subscribe form. If your email address is already on the list, you will get an error message when you try to subscribe again. (And, if you are not on the list, and you want to be, this will add you.)

  • Why did I drop off the list?
  • Email addresses are taken off the BPN list for two reasons: 1) we get an unsubscribe request from your email address, or 2) your email service notifies BPN that newsletters can not be delivered to your address.

    If you did not submit an unsubscribe request, then your address was removed because we were unable to deliver BPN newsletters to you. This could be a problem with your email service - check the List of Current Delivery Problems to see if your email service is listed. If you recently changed your email address, you may have mis-typed your new email address. Or, your email service may be blocking BPN newsletters because it thinks they are spam. Or your email service may have reported that your email account was disabled, or that your account is over quota and new mail is not being accepted.

    Please see What to do if you didn't get your newsletters above for details about how to troubleshoot this problem.

  • I am getting some newsletters but not all of them
  • All the BPN newsletters are mailed to everyone on the list. It isn't possible to be mailed some newsletters but not others. Please see the List of Recently Mailed Newsletters. When people tell us they aren't getting all the newsletters, it is usually due to one of these reasons:
    1. The newsletter you are expecting has not been mailed yet. See the List of Recently Mailed Newsletters.
    2. Some of the newsletters are being blocked by your spam filter (see Junk mail and spam filter settings)
    3. The missing newsletters were overlooked or accidentally deleted (see the List of Recently Mailed Newsletters)
    Almost always, the problem is a spam filter. Please read the section below Junk mail and spam filter settings

  • Junk mail and spam filter settings
  • The most frequent complaint we get at the BPN is that a subscriber is not receiving some or all BPN newsletters. The problem is nearly always the subscriber's spam filter, triggered by something in the newsletter that seem suspicious. Some of the newsletters such as Advice contain potty and sex words. Other newsletters like Marketplace and Childcare contain dozens of subscribers' email addresses, which may look like spam.

    If you are sure that you are on the subscriber list (see this page) but you still are not receiving all the newsletters listed on this page, then the problem is a spam filter on your account.

    1. Look for the missing newsletter in a folder called "Trash" or "Spam" or "Junk" or "Bulk".
    2. If you find it there, change your spam settings - they may be too strict.
    3. Some email services allow you to add "safe" senders to a "white list." See the next section.
    4. If you don't find the missing newsletters, check your spam settings to see if you are automatically deleting mail identified as spam.
    5. Some email services run spam filtering on all incoming mail before it is delivered to users' mailboxes. They may not notify customers about emails that were filtered out. Comcast does this. Check the List of Current Delivery Problems.

  • What is BPN's email address for my spam blocker?
  • Your email service may allow you to add email addresses to a "white list" that you want to accept mail from. The sender on all the BPN newsletters is "". The newsletters are actually mailed from (IP address:

    Note: Some spam services work by intercepting all mail to their clients and then notifying the sender (i.e., BPN) that they must fill out a form before their mail can be delivered. BPN is not able to do this, because newsletters are mailed by a computer program, not a human. Also, we have too many subscribers to take individual actions like this. Therefore, if you use a service like this, you will need to make sure to add BPN to the list of approved addresses.

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